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Good SEO vs. Bad SEO – What is The Difference and How to Choose the Right Service Provider?

Website analysis is an essential aspect of Search Engine Optimization or the SEO process. The most important aim of the SEO is to thrust your website to the absolute top of Google’s search engine results pages. However, there are many SEO processes, some are good and some not so much. In this article, you shall learn of some differences between these processes. Hopefully, they will help you in choosing which methods you would want to use to optimize your business website. The SEO business requires much trust to efficiently function, and hence it is imperative that it be kept clean, and therefore, you must know the difference between good SEO and bad SEO.



Keyword Research

Good SEO

Putting up together a selection of trending search volume of keywords alongside long-tailed keyword phrases will increase the search volume of keywords sophisticatedly and tactically throughout your website.


Simply running after only one-word keywords for every page in your website eagerly so that you would be right on the top in the search results of only the high-end search volume of keywords.

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Writing Meta Tags

Good SEO

Crafting user-friendly focused and oriented meta title tags in great taste by using targeted keyword phrases which are within 60 web characters or even less.


Taking the Meta title tags and then overstuffing them with the industry keywords, feeling that it can then work in your favor during the time of ranking measurements in search engine results.

Writing Meta Tag Descriptions

Good SEO

Keeping the traffic on your website in mind to have your messages frequently heard when a web visitor is reading your Meta tag descriptions within search results. All this gets done, while at the same time, utilizing the targeted keywords of yours for that particular page.


Taking a spamming approach, then overstuffing the Meta tag descriptions, while having mal-intentions like only trying to get high rankings and ignoring matters relating to the overall experience of the user.

Optimization of Content

Good SEO

Attractively using keywords along with long-tailed phrases within your existing contents so that a person may comprehend it and then can go on to make an association with the things your business try to say and communicate.


Having too many keywords crammed within your content so much so that it gets difficult to even to read.

Press Releases Writing & their Distributions

Good SEO

Writing off something that is worthy of a grand announcement to ensure that the surrounding community of yours is talking about it over their websites and also in their blog sites and the distributing PR via a small and handful of industry class press releases and their distribution services.


Apparently, making PR pieces that are only meant for internet search engines and not human beings are not good at all.

Article Writing & Distributions

Good SEO

To place yourself as a figure of authority within your niche and then writing articles about how your industry will have benefits from is a suitable method to follow.


To write some articles which would probably not be making any sense but have been optimized to a considerable extent? This is not a right approach.

Directories Submission

Good SEO

To choose highly trafficked websites and also reputed website directories where you will be listing your business.


To take software programs which promise to help in distributing your information to multiple directories which are likely to be useless to be even listed into.

WordPress site

Now, as you are reading about SEO, I assume that you are planning to start your blog or product website. Well, whatever it is I would suggest you go to WordPress. This is known for being the best CMS platform to the present date. For a newbie, WordPress is the best option where you can promote yourself easily without the need of emptying your pocket. You can also save the money which you would have otherwise required for website maintenance, hiring web and graphic designers, etc. You can use the free themes, Plugins and SEO facilities. The premium option is also available, but the charges are highly affordable, and even a startup entrepreneur will not find it difficult to manage.

Author bio: Raymond Epperson has been writing blogs for many years, and now he has become apt in writing posts on SEO and WordPress. Here, he has tried to explain the significant differences between good and bad SEO. He has also discussed WordPress, which is a popular hit among entrepreneurs today. Hershey SEO can provide one with proper SEO services as per the latest industry standards.

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