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Popular Bathroom Design Trends

Gone are the days when bathrooms were treated just as a functional area. The bathrooms of today are private tranquil places that soothe the body and release stress. Homeowners are increasingly enhancing their bathroom designs and adding more fixtures that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. If you are looking for some trendy ideas that can liven up your bathroom and make it a better place, then read on. Go big: If you have a home remodelling planned, how about making your bathroom bigger? Bring down walls to make your bath more comfortable and functional. A separate bathtub and shower, and some bathroom furniture can open up the space and make your bathroom more purposeful. Add appealing fixtures: A popular trend in bathroom fixtures is the above-counter sink and basin that liven up the overall look of the bathroom. Fused glass basins in bold colours and eye-catching designs are making an appearance in homes. Relaxing whirlpools are also in style; there are no prizes for guessing why! Whirlpools with ergonomically placed arm and head rests and strategically placed jets, take ‘relaxation in the water’ to another level. Bathroom furniture is also in vogue, and its not just stools or benches, but recliners, chaise lounges and armoires for a music system/television that homeowners are increasingly investing in. Some are also adding classic flair to their bathrooms with vintage furniture. Make...

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Home Decor – Bathroom Plans and Pictures

You must be needing Bathroom for your house when you are making your own, as it is the most essential part of the house. So here we have collected some samples for you. Here we have collected Luxury Bathrooms, Royal Bathrooms, Easter Style Bathrooms so you may get some ideas for your bathroom. Share...

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