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40 Sites to download Icons

While working on any project you must have found that some icons are essential to use on the project and you must be looking for best icons which should suit according to project’s requirement. We have collected some sites, you can download every kind of icons to meet your project’s requirement. Icon Finder: Soft Icons: Icon Shock: Icojoy: Iconizer: Free Icons Web: Vistaicons: Aha Soft: Icon Drawer: Icon Archive: Best Free Icons: Free Icons Download: Dry Icons: Find Icons: Icons Pedia: Icons Dock: Icons Mysitemyway: Feed Icon: Icon Designs: Icon Let: All Free Download: Icons Bank: Mr. Icons: Icons...

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A lot of ICONS for you to download

Here are a lot of Different Icons for you. These can be helpful during Designing. You can download ZIP files from here.First Icon set file contains 252 GIF Files (with transparent BG). Total File size is 173KB [stunning-mesh-icon-set1.rar] ============================================================ [ad#ad-2] Following file contains 618 Miscellaneous files of GIF and ICO type. Total file size is 755KB [stunning-mesh-icon-set2.rar] ============================================================ [ad#ad-2] This file contains 35 Icons about Cartoons, total file size is 59.0KB [stunning-mesh-icon-set3.rar] ============================================================ [ad#ad-2] This file contains 61 files about Different Companies logos. File size is 85.7 KB [stunning-mesh-icon-set4.rar] ============================================================ [ad#ad-2] This file contains 24 Icons about Icelandic, Total file size is 35.6 KB. [stunning-mesh-icon-set5.rar] ============================================================ [ad#ad-2] This file contains 118 Miscellaneous Icons, total file size is 193.0 KB. [stunning-mesh-icon-set6.rar] ============================================================ [ad#ad-2] This file contains 63 Icons about Logos of Different Sports Clubs, total file size is 111 KB. [stunning-mesh-icon-set7.rar] Share...

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