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Joomla’s Features Comprehensive Dissection

The market for Content Management System (CMS) is very fluid and highly competitive. CMS actually are computer software that helps you load, edit, publish and do what not with your online data. In the same business market comes Joomla, a top Web Content Management System in the contemporary market. To top it all it is an open source content management framework which is based on PHP and MySQL and follows MVC Application Framework. Joomla was previously a part of Mambo; however both the parties parted ways among concerns over the open source nature of the project. The CEO, Peter...

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15 Must-Have Site Analytics Extensions for Joomla

Onsite traffic for a website is an important measure of success. Engagement of site visitors to a site can be analyzed using site analytics. Site analytics are a useful and powerful tool which integrate the site marketing initiatives and targets, provide better ads and create better conversion rates. It tracks sales and can increase customer loyalty in the long run for a business website. These can be integrated into the Joomla site from available extensions for a strategic fit. In this article we discuss the top 15 most popular site Analytics Extensions for Joomla. Heatmap: Compatible Up To Native...

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50 Best Sites to Download Joomla Templates

Joomla is Web Developer’s Paradise (some may say). If you are looking for Joomla Templates or Joomla codes then here are some best sites for you, you can download free from some sites and some may not have free. But you can find these sites very useful. So simply bookmark this post if you are Web Developer then enjoy these site surfing. Joomla: Template Monster: Joomla Shack: Site Ground: Joomla Designs: Joomla Art Work: Joomla Shine: Joomla Art: Rocket Theme: Lonex: Joomla Byte: Joomla Praise: Yoo Theme: You Joomla: Gavic Pro: Shape 5: Joomla TP: Joomla Templates: Hot Joomla...

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