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DVD Cover in 3D Studio Max – [Video Tutorial]

Here is another Video Tutorial about 3D Studio Max. In this Tutorial you will learn how to make DVD Cover. I’m also going to upload .MAX source file so you may get inspiration and help from it. This is a long tutorial, that is why I’ve separated it into 2 Videos for your convenience. [Download source .MAX file from here] Part I: Part II: [Download source .MAX file from here] Share...

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Day and Night lights effect in 3D Studio Max – [Video Tutorial]

In this tutorial I’m going to tell you Daylight and Night light effect in 3D Studio Max. The difference between these two lights effect would be clear for you. I’ve uploaded two separate Videos so you can check these separately. Daylight in 3D Studio Max : Nightlight in 3D Studio Max : Share...

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Making of Tennis ball in 3D Studio Max – [Video Tutorial]

Here is another tutorial for you regarding 3D Studio Max series. It is a video tutorial in which you are going to make a Greenish Tennis Ball. Simple but useful tutorial, must be telling you some techniques in Studio Max. In this tutorial you will learn, Spherify, Editable Poly, Mesh Smooth etc. techniques. Share...

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