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MP3/MP4 Player in photoshop

Here is a bit long tutorial in Photoshop. I’m going to make MP3/MP4 player in Photoshop, the purpose is to tell you some Tools and Filters, so you may be familiar with these tools and techniques. Hopefully you will like to make it by your own.

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Magnifying Glass in Photoshop

You must have seen Magnifying Glass pictures, today we are going to make it by our self. A bit long tutorial, but interesting one. We will be using some Filters, Blending options and tools for making Magnifying Glass. So come and lets start it.

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PopCorn box in photoshop

Here is another way to make box, but this time, Pop Corn Box. Not a very difficult way to make it. It is an interesting technique. You will use some tools by making this, so it will teach you to use these tools too.

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Clear your skin, remove stain.

It is my favorite tutorial and very important one. Sometime you take picture and some stains come over it or suppose you have a picture which is having pimples etc. on it and you wanted to remove those stains, so here is the tutorial which may help you a lot:

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Realistic Web Cam

I personally enjoy making this tutorial, hopefully you will also. In this tutorial we will be making a Webcam and I’ll try to give it Realistic look. A lot of Tools involved along with Layer Styles, So lets start.

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