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8 Steps to Designing a Sweet Business Card

Regardless of what industry you work in, you can always use a business card; after all, they’re one of the most important ways people make first impressions. But they carry even more weight for those of us who work in graphic design. If your business card looks bland or cluttered, …

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The Essential Traits of a Great Logo

Graphic design is a bit like baking bread. It allows for a lot of creative freedom, but it’s also got certain specific ingredients that are required—meaning you can’t deviate too far from the core of its basic recipe. Sure, chocolate chips and cinnamon can add a fun touch of flavor, …

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What Every Designer Should Know About Imprint Methods

When you don’t have much experience with printing, you might not realize how complicated the process actually is. It’s not just an afterthought that only comes up after you’ve created a beautiful design. The way a design will be printed is something you should take into account before you create …

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