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10 Awesome Flash websites for your inspiration

Gears of War - Emergence Day

Flash website though are a bit heavy but these are having an awesome look. If somebody added 3D in Flash, then it becomes masterpiece. We have collected 10 awesome Flash websites, which are also having 3D work. Very impressive work done, so you may have some creativity if you are …

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Best Sites to help you learn Flash

We have compiled a list of Best Flash Sites, you can learn Flash, also learn Flash ActionScript etc. These also include Flash Tutorial sites.  So a lot of things for you learn after visiting these sites. These can be a best Training for you.

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Lets make Unlimited Text effects in Flash

You must have used Swish max for making text effect. Today I’m going to tell you a technique, by using this technique you can make a lot of Text effect of your own desire in Flash. You just have to plan the type of effect and just use this tutorial. …

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IF and FOR loop comparison to make Fireworks in Flash

You must have seen Fireworks in Flash on many blogs/sites, but today I’m going to tell you how to make Fireworks in Flash using If and then For loop. You will be noticing the difference between these two Loops. We will be using duplicateMovieClip and setProperty commands alongwith defining variables. …

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