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Adobe Flash CS4 PC Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Every software has its own Keyboard Shortcut keys to speedup the work. Instead of using Commands, every person try to use Shortcut key. Here we have compiled a list of Shortcut Keys for Adobe Flash CS4 for PC (Flash Cheat Sheet). Enjoy using these while working in Adobe Flash.

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Swap Image in Dreamweaver

It is just like Rollover image behavior in Dreamweaver, but normally here we use Pictures. Suppose you want to paste an image and you need to display another image when you bring your mouse pointer over it. So it is also useful for New Designers.

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Rollover Behavior in Dreamweaver

Today we are going to do some Dreamweaver work. Though it will look basic thing which I’m going to tell you. But for new designers it will be very useful. We are going to make Rollover images in Dreamweaver. Rollover images are when you bring your mouse pointer to any …

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