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How to get the Most out of Adobe Muse?

Muse is changing the way graphic designers look at web development. Adobe’s revolutionary new program Adobe Muse allows users to create great looking web layouts (and surprisingly clean HTML) with only a modest amount of graphic design experience. No writing code required! With an interface similar to Adobe InDesign, Muse works more like a design program than an HTML programming tool. Using a simplistic front-end with familiar Adobe tools, you can create a high quality website in minutes. However sticking with default settings and built-in options will leave your design feeling stifled and rigid (and looking like thousands of other similar Muse sites)! To stand out from the crowd of new Muse designers, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Adobe Muse. Use Photoshop to Create Objects: Never underestimate the power of Adobe Photoshop. Many of the main elements on your site can be created using other programs and then imported, ultimately allowing you full creative control in your layout. Use Adobe Photoshop or a similar program to create text headers with custom blending options like drop shadows, embossing, color gradients, and 3D text. You can also create custom shapes, text boxes, and seamless background patterns that will add more creative flair than your default text and menu options in Muse. Employ Web Fonts: The “Web Fonts” listed in Adobe Muse allow you...

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How to design 3D Food Box in Photoshop

Today we are going to learn some Photoshop commands and techniques. In today’s Tutorial we will be designing 3D Food Box in Photoshop. The box would be having 3D look. We will be designing 3 sides of the box and then adjusting these to make 3D look. So you will have some techniques to learn from this tutorial. 1. First of all Take a new file in Photoshop. I’m going to take the file having the following parameters: 2. We will be designing 3 sides of the box. So first of all we are going to design the Front side of the box. We will be working by taking different Groups Layers in Layer panel. So it will be easy for us to manage all the things. First of all take a new Group by clicking on “Create a new group” icon in Layer Panel. Then by taking Rectangle Tool , draw a rectangle having the size 400 px width and 530 px height. No matter what color it is having. After making the rectangle place in the middle of the file just for your convenience. Now goto Layer Panel and give it Fill opacity to 0% so black box would be vanished, no worries, this would be only for Background. Now again draw another Rectangle of having size 150px width and 530px height, align it with left side...

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Adobe Flash CS4 PC Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Every software has its own Keyboard Shortcut keys to speedup the work. Instead of using Commands, every person try to use Shortcut key. Here we have compiled a list of Shortcut Keys for Adobe Flash CS4 for PC (Flash Cheat Sheet). Enjoy using these while working in Adobe Flash. TOOLBAR : Arrow V Sub Select A Lasso L Free Transform Q Fill Transform F 3D Translation Tool G 3D Rotation Tool W Pen P Add Anchor Point = Delete Anchor Point – Convert Anchor Point C Text T Line N Oval O Rectangle R Oval Primitive O Rectangle Primitive R Pencil Y Brush B Spray Brush B Deco Tool U Bone Tool X Bind Tool Z Paint Bucket K Ink Bottle S Dropper I Eraser E Hand H Magnifier M MAIN MENU FILE MENU : New… Ctrl+N Open… Ctrl+O Browse in Bridge Ctrl+Alt+O Close Ctrl+W Close All Ctrl+Alt+W Save Ctrl+S Save As… Ctrl+Shift+S Import Import to Stage… Ctrl+R Open External Library… Ctrl+Shift+O Export Export Movie… Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S Publish Settings… Ctrl+Shift+F12 Publish Preview Default Preview F12, Ctrl+F12 Publish Shift+F12 Print… Ctrl+P Exit Ctrl+Q EDIT MENU : Undo Ctrl+Z Redo Ctrl+Y Cut Ctrl+X Copy Ctrl+C Paste in Center Ctrl+V Paste in Place Ctrl+Shift+V Clear Bckspc, Delete Duplicate Ctrl+D Select All Ctrl+A Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A Find and Replace Ctrl+F Find Next F3 Timeline Remove Frames Shift+F5 Cut Frames Ctrl+Alt+X Copy Frames Ctrl+Alt+C Paste...

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