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Your Top Tools in Marketing

When economic downturn hits, the first line of spending to be cut in the vast majority of businesses is the marketing budget. And when this happens, we often watch businesses that are in a tough position, slide into a worse position, as they are hit by a slow economy, and then by declining awareness. Think about it – even in the tough times it is vital that potential consumers are aware your business offering exists! As a marketing strategist, one of the first things I tell my clients during downturn, or if they are a start-up and lacking capital...

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9 Ways to Keep Client in Hand

Clients bring business to designers and developers; therefore they are crucial to the business. So the smooth working of the business is made sure if you are on good terms with your client. The search of good business implies maintaining a healthy relationship with the client. What we usually see is that we keep getting projects but we sometimes forget that the best way to get regular business is by keeping the existing clientele. If they have liked our dealing and work, high chances are, they will consider us for any of their next project as well. So, client is to be considered an asset and to managed in a way that will make them your permanent clients. And this is what I plan to do in this article, telling you ways to maintain a good relationship with the client and to manage it effectively. Benefits of Maintaining Your Clients : Before knowing what are the ways that will keep your existing clientele intact, you should know what its importance is and what are the reasons of keeping the client. First off, the purpose of this whole rant is that keeping an existing client is way easier than to look for newer ones. It also implies that it will be more beneficial if you keep the current clientele and also look for new. This will be beneficial on many...

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