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Are Virtual Employees A Legitimate Business Option?

With small businesses struggling to survive, it’s no surprise that financial expenditures are being shifted to keep your business afloat. After the mass layoffs in the last decade, you may be looking for alternate ways to save a buck and stay in business.

Whether your business is just getting off the ground or someone who has been struggling for a long time, you should consider virtual employees. A study presented by Mashable found that a whopping 44% of companies have used Crowdsourcing and 83% see the potential. Virtual employees can be beneficial for you in a variety of ways; you’ll just need to find that one that makes the most sense for your company.

Virtual Administrative Assistant:

Virtual Administrative Assistant
Virtual Administrative Assistant

If you’ve created a growing small business, you know the importance of getting phone calls through, faxes sent and contacts connected. However, running a business on your own, and taking care of these general duties can be time consuming.

As the economy worsened, a new breed of employees emerged from the woodwork known as virtual assistants.  A virtual assistant’s duties range with what you need and what they or the company they work for you provides. Often these are people who have been in an office setting for years and simply can’t get back onto the job market. So, for less than it costs to hire someone full time at minimum wage, you can be in touch and on track. What can a virtual assistant do for you?

  • Take phone calls, act as an operator and patch calls through to you or your employees
  • Screen and manage emails and faxes
  • Send out sales leads
  • Be involved with your social media efforts

Virtual Office Workers:

Virtual Office Workers
Virtual Office Workers

If your business can run without cubicles, this is a great way to cut costs while keeping valuable employees. Career Search Database found that out of 85 companies, employees are allowed to work from home at least 20% of the time.  When deciding if you should allow telecommuting, consider these options:

  • Part-time telecommute: If you feel your employees still need to spend some time in the office, cut down costs by keeping them at home the half of the week. You eliminate some of your utility bills and boost employee morale. Everyone likes being able to roll out of bed and work in their pajamas.
  • Full-time telecommute: This is a smart way to eliminate a large amount of overhead… without needing rental space, you have no utility bills and no rent. In this case, there may be an element of funding for your employees for supplies such as ink, paper, and phone costs.



This type of virtual employment isn’t really employment at all. Yet, it is great way for your business to get work done. Through a large community of volunteers, when you sign up with a site like Crowdsourcing.org, you can put a task out onto the net and wait for them to offer their time and talents.  So, what can you get done with this service?

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Content work for your website, blog, etc
  • Design; logo, website, products, blog, ads
  • Product testing

The downside: you may not be able to find someone to create work at the level you are looking for. However, if you do find someone who is able to provide work that fits your standards, you can work with that person more often. Either way, you could be saving significant payroll.

Virtual employees come in all forms, whether they already exist in the company or are sitting in their living room across the country. At a time when budgets are tight, choosing to go virtual can be a smart financial decision. With so many options, there are plenty of ways to make it work for your small business.

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Tips for College Bloggers

Nowadays, it seems that everyone has a blog. These online journals are attractive, as bloggers are able to share their thoughts and feelings with the world. With this freedom of expression, writers contribute frequently to their blog, often using debatable topics to spark discussion. The more credible the sources and the more interesting the posts, the more followers are gained. With enough followers, the blog can generate revenue and more importantly, the author can use it to build his reputation.

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A Few Best Ways to Raise Your Designing Rates

Everyone wants to earn more money even though he works or not for it. The attraction of big sums and raising rates of your projects always exist. It may sounds greedy but it does not change the fact. In the case of freelancers, they really want to ask for high price for their services, however; they could not do so because of fear of losing the client.

The questions about raising the price are natural and every designer has following question in his mind before quoting the final price to client. Am I asking less than actual worth of my work? Will client still willing to pay me quoted price? Can I sustain on selected pricing formula?

These questions are pertinent in one way or other, however; the truth is client runs way on the sight of big figures on received invoices. Keeping the issue in mind we thought of coming up with some help for our freelance designers who are trying to raise their rates without losing clients.

Deliver Well-Worth Services :

Stunningmesh - A Few Best Ways to Raise Your Designing Rates

Suggesting anything other than your excellent services does not make sense. Once you have your client then proving yourself through the quality work is your biggest tool. There is no greater tool for selling services than proof. The moment you feel that you have delivered best you can ask him to re-think the rates. It is easy to raise your price right after a successful project delivery.

It has been seen that clients don’t really get impressed by the any single project and decline the price raise. In this situation the best thing to do is to showcase the previous successful projects in compelling way. It can be done by presenting numerous testimonials. Moreover, you can present some tangible proofs of your professional work. It would be great to have a CD of your previous client’s testimonials in which they can praise your quality work.

Determine Your Ideal Client :

Stunningmesh - A Few Best Ways to Raise Your Designing Rates

Everyone talks about focus and concentration especially while executing a project or pitching a new client. The need of concentration does not require only at that time one should always be determined and idealistic towards his needs. As a designer/developer you should have some idea who your ideal client is because in long run your better client understanding will assist you in raising your rates.

It is not considered as a good option to pitch your new clients with general material which you have used for every client. When pitching your client about new rates you should make your client feel like your service was made for them so, focus on their previous and new requirements.

Targeting your clients according to their specific needs and fulfilling those needs will make it very easy for you to specify your niche for clients and charge much, much more.

Strategic Price Hike :

Stunningmesh - A Few Best Ways to Raise Your Designing Rates

Professionalism is something which will always serve you in the best possible way. Talking about price hike one should never let go its professionalism and should not announce uninformed rate change. If you’re not sure how to start charging more the best option is to make a systematic plan of price hike. It would be good idea to change your rates periodically and inform your client about it. It can also be considered to revise your rates after completion of a specific number of projects for a client. The given options are not final, however; they are professional and help you to take this step forward.

Time is Money – Make it Happen :

Stunningmesh - A Few Best Ways to Raise Your Designing Rates

Try to think novel in terms of raising your price. People most commonly pick smaller unit of time to charge more, whereas; it is not true in all cases. Charging your client for per hour or per project may not be a good idea. The best option for you is to have a look at your services and begin selling them in blocks of two, three, or even six months. This technique can bring good to you because with an hourly service, you have to constantly sell the next hour of service, however; a 3-month block can take the burden off you for whole time.

The other side of this picture also gives perfect scenery because there are many clients who would like to engage you for long term relationship. In such circumstances, it would be easy for you to state a new, higher price for your services.

The advantage for doing it in big chunks is that client won’t feel uncomfortable in making commitment for specific time. From client’s perspective he would be aware of taking maximum benefit in that time and may ask to execute more tasks.

From your perspective the plus point is that you will be freed from the worries of searching of new client every day who would pay you on hourly basis but you can focus on selling every three months or so. Moreover, you can efficiently deal with the problem of cash flow that many freelancers face because you will receive large payments in advance, which allows for better financial planning and increased stability.

Systematic Pricing System :

Stunningmesh - A Few Best Ways to Raise Your Designing Rates

There is always another side of coin and in this case the other side of coin is to let your client decide what you should be offered but only from given options. In order to do so, I would suggest coming up with a pricing system to test what the market is willing to pay or to build your confidence in charging more.

Example :

For better understanding, let’s assume you are currently charging around $70/hour regardless of the job. At this point the system will help you to add variety which means you could offer a basic service for $70/hour, the basic package plus something extra for $100/hour, and all of the bells and whistles for $120/hour.

You will be surprised to see how many clients are willing to pay you higher. The magic behind this trick is to alter the mindset of client from, “Should I have you on this price?” to “What price should I pay you?” It means partially you are hired the rest is negotiations. The price level is not a good idea for hourly tasks, however; setting price tiers for projects or long-term work is just more useful.

Rethink Your Goals :

Stunningmesh - A Few Best Ways to Raise Your Designing Rates

The most important thing to remember is that your rate is always determined by the value you provide and the results that you bring, not by how you feel about it. So, it is highly advisable not to think so much about relationship of high rates with high quality. The quality should never be compromised whereas one can abandon emotional attachment to the price that he charges.

Every day is a new day which brings more experience and knowledge to your existing expertise. It means asking for high price is your just right which should always be exercised. Nothing remains consistent and the price of goods and services all over the world continue to increase as time goes on. It’s the way business works, and your business should be no different than others while seeking price hike.

Ways to Maintain a Fruitful Relationship with Your Client

There are number of tips that help you to maintain successful relationship with your client. It is indeed one of the very important things when working on any project. A good working relationship with your client ensures mutual benefit, high level of shared comfort and reduces the likelihood that you will have to face difficult situations with your client. Human beings tend to value their relationships especially if any relationship has tendency to prove fruitful. So, it becomes very important for you to find awesome clients who are fond of you and your work and once you find them you should go extra mile to ensure their loyalty and esteem. In order to take you extra mile, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Never Turn your Back on them :

Good people are hard to find and when found they should never be forgotten. Majority clients look for someone they can rely on for long run. They don’t want to go in the rigorous procedure of finding a professional all over again. However, sometimes we as professionals consider clients as dependent on us for the execution of their tasks and we forget to stay in touch with them. It varies from project to project whereas; it has been seen in content management projects the communication between both tends to wither away after delivery of the content.

Staying in touch with your clients can do two goods: it shows your high business ethics and professionalism and secondly it can help you in getting new business on the basis of their referral. There are numerous occasions when you can show your gratitude to your clients. Holidays can be a good opportunity to show customers that you remember them, and you can combine a couple of work-related matters with a friendly best wishes email or greeting card. You can avail the chance to ask about their current projects and whether they have needs or problems. The biggest advantage you can have is that your clients can allow you to advertise your services to their website through a banner, new call-to-action buttons, etc only if you are on good terms with them.

Keep Tracks of their Needs :

The benefit of having big clients is that they are in constant need of professional support for their various projects. The marketing teams of such corporations often seek changes in existing promotional material. Furthermore, IT managers of these companies have responsibility to possess and use up to date technology either on their website or for re-designing the product manuals.

On the hand, there are small and domestic companies who vary in terms of need of a professional. The problem with small companies is you need to give them wake-up call and inform them about their rusty leaflet or outdated website design. It makes your job easy to market yourself before these small enterprises.

Working with offline companies should not distract you from exploring the Internet world. You can make good money while working online for various clients. A professional can always suggests the missing element in any company’s web presence. Your pro-activity and ability to sense required change can enable you to suggest marketing ideas that a customer couldn’t think of on their own: if you’re creating a website for someone, ask whether they’d like a newsletter or a mailing list, too. Educate them about the new technologies available that can help them in their growth while improving their web presence.

Trail their Activities :

It may sounds similar to previous advice, however; there is a fine difference because sticking to your client’s work schedule will help you to both keep in touch with them and predict their future needs so it’s coupled to the two practices we just went over.

Trailing their activities will help you to understand the working of that client. Every company has its own do’s and don’ts. The trail will lead you if followed consistently to a point at where you will be able to understand, maintain and execute the project immaculately. Following your client’s activity does not require you to meet your client personally one can do it with the help of social networks or newsletters.

Avoid Delaying Tactics :

Waiting for anyone or anything has never been easy thing to do. It raises expectations and a delay can ruin not only the anticipation but your reputation as well. It is very important to respond to your client at priority. It looks very unprofessional when you are asked some queries and you don’t take care of it in time. It has often seen that we slack a little after delivering the goods, especially if we’re the ones maintaining a website.

In order to combat with tardiness you can manage this by predefining acceptable waiting times for your clients. It is better to inform them about your available times. It should help you in avoiding the unnecessary delays in communicating with your client. It is understandable that sometimes being available is difficult but the decency requires you to at least inform your clients that you’ve received their request, and estimate a time for its completion.

Shower Privileges on your Clients :

Try to be gracious because it can earn you number of benefits. Clients that take good care of you in terms of compensation and other perks should receive some extra privileges. However, it is required if you are interested in establishing long-term relationships only then inform your clients of the ongoing benefits that come from collaborating with you.

There are various privileges you can give to your clients. The best offer is to give discounts to those who choose your services a second time. Allow your client to negotiate on pricing and other terms. Your ability to understand client’s position in terms of pricing and payment methods will give you advantage in building trust worthy mutually cooperated relationship.

You should also bring some novelty in your offerings. One of such kind is to offer freebies to customers who have stayed with you for a long period of time. It can be a banner, link, or other enhancement on your website or a free domain name renewal as it is timely and low-cost.

Make them feel important for you and show how much you appreciate your relationship with them. Many clients like to be on the top of the list of executing projects. So, it would be good to come up with some list of Golden Clients and allot the names accordingly.

The other side of picture is not good always. It happens that no matter how much you offer, sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned. At that stage you don’t need to be acerbated if a loyal client chooses a new service provider; maybe it will make them understand your importance. The actual test begins in the time of sour relation so, be very cautious in dealing with your client in difficult times.

Final Point :

The inter-dependency of client-employee relation makes it beautiful. It allows both parties to adopt certain techniques to deal with each other. The techniques are not universal as it varies from person to person and culture to culture. The constant thing is your dedication and ability to deliver in time with impeccable quality. If a professional does its job immaculately then rest does not make much difference. However, the tips can come in handy in both good and bad times. So, take every step thoughtfully and always keep some room to maneuver things accordingly.

10 Tips for Making Crunchy Creative Web Designs

A person never stops learning which is exactly why there is always a room for learning. Even if you think you are a great designer, there will always be a room for making yourself better and enhancing your creativity. As designers, you will have millions of opportunities to learn from your surroundings and even from other websites. The famous websites such as Facebook and twitter are a great example of creativity. Despite having a good user interface, these websites are user friendly as well. There is a lot of material available on the internet to improve your website making and become a designer from a simple maker.

Learning and taking inspiration from a design is absolutely fine however; copying designs should be a big No.  I would not recommend any designer to see way too many tutorials because that way you are killing your own creativity. Designers are all about creativity and any innovation can be inspired but it should be totally real. As a designer, you should never Google designs before you start working on a project. Mostly, designers are very much real and they really try hard to come up with something extra ordinary and way too creative. Your job is to provide an amazing website which is perfectly functional.  Also, one should never be afraid to experiment so do not run away from bad designs because eventually making mistakes will help you in creating a master piece. Following are a few great ideas for creating innovative and unique web designs:

1. Starting from the Scratch :

You might have created a lot of rough designs that you would like to use while starting a great project as this will save a lot of your time. This idea can sound extremely comfortable to most of the designers but if you really want to come up with something exceptionally creative, you need to start from the scratch for instance, you can even start your design from a blank paper. Take a blank canvas and start drawing whatever comes to your mind. Do not bound yourself from anything and just draw freely. This is one of the greatest ways to come up with creative designs. As a designer, you need to give yourself a free hand. Starting off with a blank canvas can actually give you a lot of new and creative ideas whereas making changes in an already half incomplete design might be a little difficult. So, go for a blank canvas and you will be amazed at how creative you can be.

2. Do Not Follow the Typical Design Traditions :

If you are designing a website for a large target audience, you might have to follow some rules and regulations. You will have to follow a strict layout mechanism and in such cases, you will be bound to create a design according to the rules and regulations and this can affect your creativity a lot. While designing, you need to think out of the box and for this your clients should give you a free hand to think and then design. If you have to follow any rules and regulations, you should come up with a design first and then you can think how to make it work following the 960 pixel box rule. You can even find new rules to implement your designing, all you need to do is explore and get out of your comfort zone in order to show the best of your creativity.

3. Avoid Using Content Management Systems :

Finding tools which can increase your productivity and save your time is always a good thing. Content Management Systems is a great tool to save time and come with a beautiful design. CMS is basically used to save time as it provides an opportunity to make instant changes. Once you present your product to the client, he would require a few changes here and there and CMS can do that quickly and easily. But such softwares will always come with a few restrictions so if you can let go, just let it go in order to see the level of your creativity. Designers these days confine themselves from so many things that showing the best side of their creativity get impossible.

4. Online Templates/Inspirations should Be a Big NO :

Before starting a project, you should never look for an inspiration or view other designs from big designers. If you are doing anything like this, you are not beginning your project with your own creativity.  When you are free, there is nothing wrong in visiting such websites because seeing work of other people will always encourage to you improve. Some clients will even provide you with inspirational links in order to explain to you what they really want. The key behind coming up with a unique design is that when you are about to start a project; do not visit these inspirational website and come with something of your own.

5. Always Try Something New :

Creative people should always be trying something new. Following the same path as you have used before to get a project complete might be a great idea because you know it works for you and it will save your time as well. Following the same path every time can get really monotonous so you need to keep the creativity going by trying something new every now and then.

6. Ignorance is a Bliss when it comes to coding :

As a web designer, you should know coding as well. But, knowing coding means restricting yourself from a lot of things. If you will design and code too for the website, you will end up removing a lot of things from the layout just because there were some issues with the coding. If you really want to come up with something creative, ignore that fact that you know HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

7. Old is Gold :

Designers these days think that using a table while designing is indeed a bad idea. However, I think that they still hold an importance in a web designer’s life. You do not have to come up with a layout using table but you should not ignore its importance completely.

8. Learn New and Improved Things :

Your designing would also include browser testing and a lot of other stuff. If there are new things in the market related to web designing, you must learn them. As mentioned earlier, there is always a room for improvement and in the world of web designing and developing, things are constantly changing so you can learn and experiment something new with e very project.

9. Do Have Limitations :

I know, I have said earlier that you can come up with a design if you allow yourself to think freely.  However, if you are struggling with this, you can constraint yourself but be unique in constraining yourself too. You can limit yourself from a few things that you have always been doing and try something absolutely new.

10. Work With Partners :

Partnering up with other people can be fun and frustrating both. However, it is indeed a great way to learn to be patient and also to learn new things. You will have your differences but more creative people can surely come up with something brilliant. Also, it can be very challenging for a creative person to work with other creative people.

Do You Want to be A Successful Design Intern?

Every opportunity brings good or bad experience depending upon the way you take advantage of it. The same rule can be applied on internship. Internships can provide you with invaluable experience and can be proved as a stepping stone in one’s career. Moreover, it has also been highly desired pre-requisite of numerous giant corporations. I am sure no one has ever heard of any entrepreneur discrediting the worth of on-job experience. Every industry has its own job criteria and requirements to hold on to it. The design industry is versatile and expects a lot from people in it. So, a person who has yet to start his career from an internship should consider reading or recommending the tips I am about to give.

Geared up to Get your Hands Dirty :

Majority of employers in this world want to pay less to his employees and get maximum work. In such a hostile world imagine yourself as an intern not employee working just for the sake of experience. It means you will be brutally used to execute all kinds of tasks because this is an internship, not a job. It does not really matter which kind of office you intern with, the probability is very high that you will be asked to do more than your fair share.

The circumstances are quite different for intern which means he should be ready to do small and weird tasks around the office. These tasks may include brewing coffee, running quick errands, sorting through incoming/outgoing mail, answering phones, and other mundane tasks which are not exactly come under his job description. You will feel to be misused however, don’t forget that the little things you accomplish may give you big benefits like getting a permanent job as per your qualification or some good contacts in the company.

Don’t be Amateurish :

Although you are not an employee but young college dropout intern does not mean you should look like in the same way. The intern status does not ask you to be casual, informal and non-serious. As an intern you should look for your bright career so, be sure that you carry yourself in a professional manner. It does not mean you should behave uptight; however, the best is to be in character. It is highly advisable that you maintain your personal hygiene and follow the company’s official dress code.

There is no harm in going little beyond the limit in your professionalism. Your attitude should make people comfortable and it would be good for you if you let them trust you. The trust ability can do wonders later on in your career growth. Let other feel you are next suitable person for the job.

Reveal your Good Personality Traits :

There is a fine line between professionalism and good personality traits. It is beyond doubt that professionalism is paramount to a successful internship. However, one cannot rule out the importance of personality during the internship. The preeminent advice one can give you is to be yourself and observe the rules of the game. Try to develop the sense of observing things around you analytically.

People should be able to remember you through your good traits like sense of humor, hard work and perfection. It does not mean you need to be angel or pretender. Everyone has these attributes it just some people don’t really know when and how to utilize them. Never forget to develop and value the friendships at workplace. As an intern you should be known to lower and higher management. It can be the key to your ultimate success because it’s all about networking.

Pay Heed to the Mentor :

There have been numerous stories about mean and rude your boss. The point to ponder here is why would they be mean with their juniors? It is probably because their success stories have never been told. Despite of horrendous stories that surround managers, as an intern you will be working under any one of them. In the case of an intern, the space of saying no to supervisor does not exist.

The immediate supervisor would not only important because he will be authorized to write final report on your performance but he would also be your teacher. Listening to an experienced manager is indisputably important during an internship. In a nutshell, a good supervisor can show you the right path and can give you inside information.

Motivate Yourself :

It is human nature that he cannot be focused 24/7. However, if you are used to take cue from others, perhaps you need to learn self-motivation. It is important to note that when you will be able to set, pursue, and finish your daily tasks without manager’s constant poking, the earned rewards will be splendid.

Bring Positivity to Your Work and Attitude :

As an intern your frustration would be justified which should not wear you. It happens to most of the interns. However, the successful ones don’t really let this frustration in their way. Remember that you are an intern who is there to learn, experience practical problems and perform accordingly. The day to day events like computer freeze, misunderstanding or unintentional mistakes can be the reasons of stress. Your job is to cool your nerves and let the good spirits prevail and stay positive at work.

Good Interns Do their Homework :

Don’t think homework is for school kids, because even though this is an internship you will have to do some homework. As an intern you are presumed to be knowledgeable to a certain degree in your field of study. The design interns may not be burdened as much as a medical intern. However, it is possible that big corporations, agencies or production houses have enough work to distribute it among their interns. So, while entering the field don’t think your school days are over. In order to stay in the good books of the management you should always finish your task within or before the deadline immaculately.

Keep Supervisor in Loop :

Every intern worries about his/her good recommendation report which lures him/her to have good relations with the supervisor. In order to deal with this it is highly advised to seek for a weekly evaluation from supervisor. It will give you benefit of improving during the internship as well as keeping your management informed about your tasks.

Avoid Getting Back on Competitors :

It is likely that you won’t be the only intern in the company, so stay alert and competitive. After all, you are here to further enhance your career and earn a permanent job. Now it is understood that you have several other competitors so, try to prove yourself honestly if any competition comes up. It does not mean to sabotage your competitors, but would be a good gauge of your performance in the time of challenge and excellent chance to prove your strength to management.

Take it Easy :

It should be the last but important tip. The internships are meant to prepare you for big challenges in career and it should be taken as important springboard. However, don’t let the opportunity to have fun during your internship. It means you should strive to get the glowing recommendations but it can be done while taking it easy. So, get most of your internship on both personal and professional level.

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7 Golden rules to avoid the temptations of the Summer and stay focused

An important advantage of being a freelancer is the fact that you are paid depending on how much you are working; a lazy freelancer may gain enough money to keep himself alive while another may allow himself holidays in exotic places. Each day I try to be more efficient while each freelancer is pushing him to the limits to evolve and become a real professional. This is pretty normal, but there are plentiful moments when the will power is very low and nothing can bring it to a satisfactory level. However, when the Sun is up and all people are going to picnic, can somebody stay and work? Not me…

In the Northern hemisphere summer is coming (or it is even here) and this can be a real threat for every person who works; a sunny atmosphere definitely isn’t ensuring the certain conditions of a full working day. During winter time there are enough pleasant things, which can make someone neglect the work but nothing can be compared with the sunny days, enjoyable wheatear or laying on the beach. Unfortunately, the living style of any freelancer depends on what projects he accomplishes, so we can establish a very simple logical enhancement: the more and powerful the temptations are, the less money is gained. The beauty of life consists in enjoying all these temptations; as a consequence the solution is a fine balance between work and pleasure (isn’t it, it is very simple to write this statement but to apply it, is a completely different matter…).

The bad news is still coming, there is no treatment against losing your will and determination to work and any method of fighting against it is case specific, it can either work for an individual or fail for another. In spite of this, there are some tips which seem to offer solutions to combat low power will caused by the sunny days!

1. Establish clear and realistic deadlines :

A good indicator of the efficiency is to establish clear, realistic and short-run objectives. Embracing this manner assures a good control over the workload, while the checkpoints prove your productivity; much more, studying your most efficient hours of work may offer a better approach of scheduling the projects.

It could happen sometimes to encounter very difficult tasks and thus being unable to respect the deadline set; pay attention that repeating these unwanted situations may affect the optimism and this is a disastrous effect. Once again, set up your deadlines realistically!

2. Motivate yourself in order to respect the deadlines and finish the project awarded :

Having well defined deadlines is very good, but it could be in vain without respecting these. A freelancer should always motivate himself to do so; each abandoned deadline is nothing more than another step to disaster. Across time, during one’s freelance career one is expected to know or at least to have an idea about how to stimulate one to work; it is simple, this really worked for me, and I would buy a new sci-fi mouse if only I finish the project in time. From the first time I saw the mouse I wanted it no matter the price so the temptation of the new tool was bigger than staying outside in the sun or watching a movie.

3. Make your breaks sources of inspiration :

Maybe we aren’t aware of it, but human beings are very limited when it comes to working efficiently and breaks are necessary aspect, these are as important as the working periods. The difference between a successful freelancer and a less competent one is the manner of handling these, while the first one takes advantages from them, the second one is dreaming about another one. Anywhere in the nature are sources of inspiration and psychical refueling, the big problem is to use them. My personal advice: use smartly any break and keep their temporal length under control.

4. Try to focus more on your work in the working time and have fun in the time of a relaxation desire :

Apparently the previous tip and this are seemingly contradictory, but they are in fact complementary. It is highly recommended to avoid worrying throughout any relaxation time (which theoretically really means this) and instead enjoying the moment. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that new ideas can’t be conceived when going on a trip. Imagine that in a trip can impress with so many panoramas or interesting images, which you need to “take home” and camera is the best tool to help with that.

5. Make the work space more enjoyable :

Mostly you want to break out from your office because outside are more temptations, but how about inversing this? An enjoyable workspace is another strong point which can make someone resists the summery provocation. It depends on the personality of each one but a small change in the décor may have an energizing effect.

6. Try as much as possible to not work in the hottest hours of the day :

The majority of us are molted by the sunny days and no one can work. A solution to avoid these hot hours is to schedule the working periods in such a manner to avoid when the sun is shining at his peak. Enjoy the day and work in the night, not a much-recommended solution, but somehow realistic…

7. Be optimistic :

All the tips above may be in vain if the last one is ignored, life and work are more nicely when we are regarding these optimistically. Definitely, it isn’t a big deal if someone misses a deadline; the problem is when it is turning into a habit. Any bad move shouldn’t be a source of frustration; it is a sign that we, the freelancers, are still human beings not cyborgs ready to accomplish any web project.

Minimalist blogging – Getting more out of doing less

Any writer will tell you that more isn’t better. Quite the opposite, it’s sometimes a curse, and too much bulk can sabotage what might otherwise have been a good bit of text. It’s easy enough to get tangled up in a sentence, let alone an article. When blogging, more can be a real disaster. It can also be messy, and pretty useless in terms of core site values like SEO. Reiterating and going into extreme detail isn’t particularly useful writing technique, either.

If you’ve seen the Bloomberg style of writing, a lot of Bloomberg’s content is based on short pieces, which is a good way of maintaining their very high rate of information flow. If you’re writing a real time news blog, it’s best practice, and it’s also an extremely efficient way of managing information.

The minimalist approach- The good news for writers :

Many writers prefer a “bare bones” drafting style. This is actually good technique, and allows a good structure for an article to be created quickly and easily. Ironically, this is a minimalist style. Minimalist writers simply don’t add the extra content, and stick with their structure, perhaps with some minor panel beating on text content.

For bloggers, minimalism is a baseline option that can achieve a lot, particularly if you’re stuck for time and space for producing content. This is a great way of getting through a lot of different bits of material and creating separate pieces on different subjects.

This type of minimalism isnt  “Twitter fodder”. It’s a size thing, based usually on about 100-200 words, which is a useful bandwidth for good bare bones writing, and it’s also a good time manager, particularly for professionals. 200 words is a few minutes, and it allows for better editing, which is another aspect of writing which can be turned into a tooth-gnashing exercise with a lot of text.

The technical side of minimal blogging :

The primary benefits of minimal blogging are:

  • Search engine optimization: The minimal approach allows useful keywords to stand out, and makes the text more searchable. That’s a very handy option for tagging lots of blogs easily and quickly. It works well with WordPress and can even be a simple cut and paste exercise.

  • Site loading: Although blogs themselves are easy enough to load, when you’re adding features like media and getting your site organized, time is always valuable. The quick, easy minimal blogging style always creates space and time for better blog management, and most importantly, thinking time.

  • Quality controls on the blog: Quality control of the small, efficient minimalist blogs is a true blessing for content producers. It’s easy enough to take apart and reassemble a piece of text at the 100-200 word size. At 1000 words, it can be a few hours of pretty grim word-grinding, particularly if there’s technical material or fact checking involved. Quality naturally suffers.

Less can be a lot better. Think before you write, and you’ll find your blogging improves dramatically.

Efficiently Handle User Comments on Your Blog

We all want to hear some appreciation for the work we do. It doesn’t matter what field we belong to, every work requires some acknowledgment, healthy criticism and proper appreciation. If you are a writer or a blogger, you must understand that not everyone is going to like what your write. Similarly if you are a designer, not everyone is going to like what you design. This means that you will be getting both negative and positive comments for your work. As a professional, it is very important for you to keep things professional and handle them professionally. You need to have a very correct approach towards comments of users.

To say the truth, almost every comment deserves your attention and if you decide to ignore comments if you have huge business anyway, you have opted for a wrong strategy. It does not matter if you have a small, huge business; you need to cater to your audience in order to make it successful. Feedback or comments can prove to be really valuable for your product. In fact it can be a great marketing strategy so give these comments what they deserve and ignoring them is certainly not among this. As mentioned earlier, you need to deal with them professionally so let us take a look how:

Focus On Important Comments :

Now, as I said, comments are really important but not all comments should be addressed. Some people will bad mouth your product just because they are having a bad day so no need to take them seriously. Apart from this you might get a lot of spam comments as well so beware of spammers. One thing which is a must for you to do is using anti-spam plug-in.

This is a great way to filter out spam comments and you will be left with only important comments so you will be able to focus on what is important. If you won’t, you will get loads of spam comments and it is nothing but wastage of time.

Get Control :

You should have the full control over the comments and not every comment should be posted on website. Keep a check on comments and always approve them manually. However, if you decide to approve them manually, you need to do if quick and real fast. If a user gets to see his comment after a week and that too when the whole ongoing discussion has ended, he will never ever post a comment again on your website.

If visitors will start thinking like this, obviously you are not dealing with the comments professionally. So, do it yourself but do it real fast so that you do not end up disappointing users.

Keep Things Simple :

The entire procedure of posting comments should be easy and flexible. The more complicated you make it, the less comments you will get. Obviously, to avoid spam comments you will be having security checks but make sure they are working fine and these security checks should not block the regular comments. If a user has to go through millions of steps to post a comment, chances are that he will leave and would never visit your site again to leave comments.

Always Answer To Questions :

As a professional, it is your duty to act responsible. While commenting there will be a lot of users who would be asking questions to you in order to get things clear. Never ever ignore the questions and answer every user individually. You may come across some extremely silly questions too but as a professional you will have to answer them too.

You can be precise in answers but ignoring them is definitely not an option for you. Leaving a question unanswered means you are ignoring your customer which is not at all an acceptable thing in professional world.

Write For People and Not For Yourself :

Not everyone visiting your website or blog would be highly educated so you need to keep things simple. Whenever you write something or reply to something, try to keep language as simple as possible. You might have an outstanding vocabulary but not everyone does so don’t force your visitors to open a dictionary in order to be able to understand your reply. Use plain and layman language but nice sentences.

Be Friendly and Open Minded :

Do not appear as some monstrous admin. In order for people to be able to talk to you or relate to you, you need to come across as a friendly blogger or webmaster. While replying to comments, keep your tone simple and friendly. You can even use your sense of humor while having an interaction with your visitors. This will not only please the readers but they will also develop a comfort level with you. Once readers develop a comfort level they will become a regular visitor of your website which will prove to be really good for you.

Inform Your Users :

If you are approving comments manually, you need to inform your users that they are pending approval. Leaving them with no message means you are leaving them blank completely. If you will have no comment after they press the submit button, they will keep on wondering what happened to their comment which is not good. They should know it is pending approval and will appear on website once approved.

Deal With Issue Not the Person :

As I said, not everyone is going to like so you will definitely get negative comments. Now, a few should be ignored but some comments deserve a reply. Some people will attack you personally as well but as a professional you need to deal with the issue and not the person. If you will start attacking them personally it will only worsen the situation and other readers will also judge you. Do reply to them but in a professional way.

Crowd of Comments – Filter out the Pointless Ones :

Do not take all negative comments personally because if someone is upset with what you have written, there could be a reason. Try understanding the reason and see if they actually have a point in their negative comments. Maybe you have written something wrong or maybe they have misunderstood something. If you are wrong, there is nothing wrong in admitting it. In fact, if you will humbly accept that you were wrong, people will respect you more.

Be Understanding :

You do not have to agree with your visitors but you have to come across as someone who quite understands. Even if they are talking uselessly, you have to be patient and reply to them positively. DO not let yourself become a victim of their negativity. If a lot negative is being said about you, probably you need to stay quite and let the storm pass away. Too much of useless negativity online does not deserve your attention.

Final Thoughts :

You must have heard of a very famous phrase ‘if you are willing to dish it then you should be willing to take it.’ So, if you are writing something, you should be able to accept the feedback as well. If you are posting things online, anyone can access your content from all over the world so be professional, keep it simple and positive.