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Advantages of Starting Blogging and How Should We Start It?

Blogging is a nice way to share your views and opinions on different topics such as celebrity news, weight loss journal, travel tips, etc. Blog can be like a book as it means different things. Aspiring writers can give a voice to their work by blogging. Blog is also a powerful space to jumpstart your career for displaying past work, images, videos and clips to exhibit employers if you are a designer, photographer or videographer. No one would find scrapbooking as a costly practice to keep the family memories. Blogging works just as a scrapbooking in which you can...

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Headlines and Deadlines: Blogging Essentials You May Have Overlooked

Some posts make you laugh; some make you think about certain issues while others give you insights on stuff you’re not so knowledgeable about. Unfortunately, some are just plain boring or nonsensical that you wonder what the author was thinking when they wrote their posts. 10 Things to Remember About Blogging: 1. Write a strong headline: Headlines give your readers a glimpse of what your post is about. If it’s not a catchy headline, your post may not get a second look. While you’re at it, write a headline that is strongly related to your content and not just...

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