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How The Right Brand Designing Services Can Satiate The Consumers Hunger?

Every company, irrespective of its size, dreams of making it big in the market. For that they need to have services and products that speak of convenience and functionality. This ensures stability on a long term basis, for the brand and the company that it represents. It is an indispensable thought, but most are yet to come to terms with the significance it holds out there. Some are of the opinion, misled of course, that brand designing and imagery is only for the big sharks in the market. NO, it is certainly not! Irrespective of The Size: In the...

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What Your Small Business Needs to Know about the Upcoming Business Timeline

Whether your company is in its early stages or beginning to become more established, you’ve likely dabbled in social media marketing. Most start up companies focus first on the larger social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Google+. It can sometimes take a while to get the hang of using social media for promotion, and things are about to get a whole lot crazier on March 30th. March 30th of this year marks the day that Facebook will automatically switch over your business page to the new Timeline layout. This will change the overall format and navigation of your page. You will also have the ability to “pin” a specific post on the top of your Timeline so that visitors will be able to see your featured content right away. It is important that the new layout doesn’t catch you by surprise come the end of the month. Consider some of the things you can do to prepare and make sure your Facebook remains successful: Top 5 Ways Your Business Should Prepare for the New Timeline Layout 1. Brand Identity: The new timeline will offer a space for a large photo right as a user clicks on your page. If you’re used to using small logo, you will likely want to come up with something more creative and less overwhelming than your logo written in huge...

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