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125 Awesome 3D Robots and Characters

For those who are in 3D field, here we have collected 125 Awesome Robots and Characters so that they get a lot of inspiration if they wanted to make 3D Robots or 3D character. You will also find different Types of Robots from this pot. These must be bringing a lot of creativity and hopefully you will enjoy this post. Share...

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Best Photoshop Tutorials related to Characters

For the people who wanted to learn Drawing in Photoshop, here we have collected some Cartoon Tutorials made in Photoshop. You will get a lot of inspiration and creativity by following these tutorials. Twitter Bird in Photoshop : Twitter is very common social bookmarking site. Almost every person is having an account on this site. People are sharing their knowledge with each other through this site. Twitter is the sound of bird and that is why Twitter is having a lot of Bird Icons. Today we are going to make a one icon in Photoshop. The purpose is to...

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Cartoon Character in Illustrator

This is very long tutorial, by using this tutorial you can make any Character in Illustrator. You can make changes accordingly. 1. Take new file in Adobe Illustrator and create a rectangle by using Rectangle Tool . Then fill it with Gradient (it will be your own choice so I’ve used the following Gradient): 2. Now I’m going to create Cartoon’s body area. Pick Pen tool  and draw the following shape: 3. Now fill it with any Gradient, I’ve used the following: 4. Now I’m going to create its left Eye. Pick Ellipse Tool  and draw an eye at proper place, fill it with white as shown below: 5. Now I’m going to create eye ball, again pick Ellipse tool and draw a smaller Circle this time and fill it with Black and place it on proper position: 6. Now duplicate these two ellipses and place these towards right side to complete second Eye: 7. Now I’m going to create the Face. You can use either Ellipse tool or Pen tool to create the face, like shown below: 8. Its time to create its Teeth, I’m using Rectangle tool  to make its two Teeth: 9. To give these rectangle a proper look of Teeth, I’m going to convert its bottom line from straight to Curve. Pick Sub Selection Tool and convert bottom lines from straight to curves, like: 8....

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