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Smooth Analog Clock in Flash

You must have seen a lot of Analog Clock in Flash, but they all would be having Jerks in the Needles (i.e. Seconds, Minutes or Hours), but I’m going to tell you some ActionScripts, by using these you can make analog Clock in Flash and all needles would be moving smoothly without any Jerk. I’m also including FLA source files so you may have idea how I made it. Note: You can also visit Digital Date and Clock to make Digital Clock in Flash. [Download Source FLA File] 1. First of all we have to prepare a Dial for...

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Digital Date and Clock in Flash

Here I’m going to tell you how to make Digital Clock in Flash, it will also be having the Date. It looks simple in Flash but we have to give some Conditions and make it according to our desire. Hopefully you will like it. You can also visit Smooth Analog Clock to make Analog Clock in Flash. [DOWNLOAD SOURCE FLA FROM HERE] 1. First of all Take a new file in Flash. Don’t worry about the size, just take according to your desire. I’m here taking 500×200 px with 12 FPS. 2. You can use any picture for background....

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