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What the Color of Your Blog Will Say About You?

When we think of certain brands, specific colors come to mind. What colors do you see when you think of McDonalds? How about Target or WalMart? Each of these companies have carefully decided which colors they want to use to successfully brand their business, and you should do the same with your blog. The colors you choose will not only help you brand yourself, but it will also give the readers a little insight to who you are. Psychology of Color: Every culture has different interpretations for color. However, there are quite a few general similarities in the United States that you can usually count on. The following list shows a few of these general assumptions to help you better understand the psychology of color. Red – warning, excitement, aggression, energy, passion, love, danger Orange – playful, courage, comfort, fun, youth, approachable, celebration, warmth, affordable Yellow – joy, curiosity, playful, happy, light, amusement, cheerful Green – money, health, life, wealth, prosperity, natural, restful, healing Blue – trustworthy, success, peace, loyal, patience, spirituality, freedom, power, calm, professional Purple – wisdom, sophistication, celebration White – purity, clean, youth, fresh, peace Black – serious, secrecy, mystery, elegance, darkness Pink – romance, youth, tenderness, innocence, sweetness Brown – strength, earth, nature, stability, simple, credible, tribal Grey – reserved, indifferent, reliable, mature, security Color Combinations to Avoid: There are also a few color combinations...

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Photoshop Tutorial – Create an Explosive Color Swath

In this Photoshop Video tutorial you will learn how to make Explosive Color Swatch. You will learn how to use Gradient Tool, Brush Tool by following this tutorial. This tutorial is made by TutVid and published on Youtube. So purpose is only to provide you Graphic Techniques. Enjoy watching and following this tutorial. Share...

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Lets find perfect color for your picture.

Its very difficult to choose the background color for your picture. You must be needing any color which gives your picture a prominent look, amazingly every picture has its own color palette. Here I’m going to tell you how can you find it and choose better color for your picture. You need Photoshop to pick color of the best choice for your picture. This tutorial is awarded ‘The Best Tutorial of the week by Tutorial-index.com‘   1. First of all import your picture to Photoshop. I’m using this picture: 2. Now we have to choose colors from this picture, as I said earlier that every picture has Natural Color Palette, we are going to find it. First duplicate this picture by pressing Ctrl+J key. Now run the command Filter >> Pixelate >> Mosaic, give 15 in Cells size (depending upon the size of your picture). Try to give bigger number so that you may not find difficulty picking the color by Eye Dropper Tool. your picture will turn into Pixels as: 3. Now we are going to pick some color for the background, first I’m going to make some boxes and filling those boxes with colors I’m going to pick. So that we will use these colors as background. I’ve made 10 boxes so I’ll choose 10 Colors. Pick Rectangle Tool and draw 10 boxes of any size and...

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