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Trendykit – Source files community

Trendykit is a place where you can find Source files of different tools, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flash and few more. You can...

Bezier Tool in Coreldraw to make Cartoon Bird

Today we are going to learn Bezier Tool in Coreldraw, so we are going to make a Cartoon Bird. Few more tool involved for...

Vectorial Audio Cassette in Coreldraw

In this Corel Draw tutorial I'm going to make an Audio Cassette. We will be using Gradient, Blend, Pattern, Contour commands while making this...

You must be saying WOW after watching these Tutorials

Here are some collection of different tutorials, after watching and visiting these tutorials you must be saying WOW. We have collected Tutorials about different...

Lets Make Vectorial TFT in Coreldraw

I'm going to tell you some techniques in Coreldraw. We are going to make TFT Screen in Coreldraw. Some tools must be using while...

How to Create a Vectorial Magazine Front Cover

Graphic designing is an art and designer must show the creativity. The design should be to the point and having a lot of attraction....

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