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How Employed Web Designers can Improve Their Productivity?

Productivity is everyone’s favorite subject and to address issues related to it, web designers often need to find out how they can wrangle their creative mind into submission. Web designers often try out numerous solutions in hopes that they will finally come up with a magic technique that solve all productivity problems.

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Most Creative Advertisements

Relax atmosphere is essential for any Web/Graphic designer. Sometime creativity comes automatically and sometime we need to get some inspiration from somewhere. If you are going to make any Advertisement, whether it is Brochure, Poster, Pamphlet, Flyer, Banner or catalog printing, then you need to see some awesome designs to be more energetic and focused on your work. Especially if you are working on banner printing project, then you need to inspire your client with awesome masterpiece. Then these designs may be helpful for you. Here we have collected some cool, beautiful and awesome advertisement made. These are having some excellent work done by the designers. Share...

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A Showcase of Creative Movie Posters

The art of the movie poster is to summarise the 129,600 stills it takes to make the average feature film – into one single image. We’ve taken a look at ten stand-out examples that use graphics, typography and above all creativity to produce works of art that in some cases outshine the movies that inspired them. Black Swan (2010) : The release of this darkly psychological, ballet-themed thriller starring Natalie Portman, was pre-empted by a set of four teaser posters from London’s La Boca Design. As you can see each uses striking and disturbing block design, which calls to mind Russian revolutionary prints. Both the film and the prints call to mind ideas of obsession, bravado and the battle for perfection, in a way that is both unsettling and thoroughly beautiful. Trainspotting (1996) : As a hard-hitting, low-budget film about heroin addicts, Trainspotting caused quite a stir when it was released in the 1990s. This helvetica-emblazoned poster, like the film, became a ‘youth culture’ hit almost immediately. This use of orange against black and white photography refers subliminally to warning signs and the information-style typography draws to mind pharmaceutical packaging. The film is built upon multiple narrators, shown in the poster’s larger than life line-up. Apparently the individual portraits were taken literally straight after filming some of the more ‘high-octane’ scenes by Lorenzo Aquis, who also did the photographic...

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