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Designing a Website and Digital Signage for a Restaurant Business

A restaurant is the embodiment of all that we know and love – serene atmosphere, delicately put-together interiors and beautiful ambience, all capped by finger-licking cuisine. Dining in restaurants makes for a fine experience, but it all begins, not when a patron walks in the door, but rather the first time someone hears there’s a new place on the block. This is the information age, which means that 90% of the time people will rush to the restaurant’s website to get a feel of what the dining experience would be like, check out the menu and even make reservations...

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Trends that Matter in Website Design, Development and Marketing

Designing a website is much like the fashion industry; it is driven by a combination of consumer trends merging with design trends to achieve an aesthetic solution to consumer led demand. Developing a website on the other hand is driven by advances in many differing technology niches. The catalyst which binds them all together is the designer in front of the monitor. Website development – delivering your smallest acorn in a jumbo sized package The Chicken or the Egg: The eternal conundrum – what came first, the chicken or the egg? You could argue this till you’re blue in...

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Designing a Website for a Global Audience – Factors to Consider

Designing a site targeting an international audience can be a very challenging task. Besides contending with the language barrier, you also have to deal with other practical and cultural which are peculiar to different communities. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when designing a website for a global audience: 1. Language: Most people have English as the language on their sites. However, someone living in Britain might not fully understand a site which uses American English. Therefore, when designing your site, avoid using terms which are country specific. For instance, ‘pants’ might mean...

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