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Facts – Advantages and Disadvantages of Major Blogging Platforms

Blogs are considered the oldest form of sharing thoughts in social media. The advent of social media websites as Facebook and Twitter has made little impact on blogging platforms. Blogs can be general and specific. Blogs on niche topics as technology, fashion and sports have gained increased acceptance amongst youth and help them channelize their creativity in a positive manner. Below are listed some of the common blogging platforms. Take your pick and choose the one that suits your need the best. Choosing WordPress: WordPress is one of the oldest blogging platforms. A distinct advantage of wordpress is that it is available in self-hosting mode unlike other blog platforms that are publicly hosted on the internet. Take a quick look at pros and cons of wordpress and decide for yourself, if this is what you are looking for. Advantages of WordPress: Owing to its self hosting, wordpress is easy to customize. WordPress is easy to install with a supportive community as a back end support that will go all out, helping you with blogs. WordPress also gives you the option of choosing from amongst a range of custom themes. Disadvantages of WordPress: WordPress also has some disadvantages and you may come across advertisements in case you subscribe to the free version. The self-hosted version requires specific technical inputs and you might end up having a confused look, in case...

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Super 7 Alternatives of WordPress

WordPress is unarguably the best and the most effective content management system out there and it comes bundled with SEO benefits and host of awesome plugins, thanks to the endless hours of hard work by some developers. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to stick to WordPress until the world ends. This is certainly not the case. There are hundreds of WordPress alternatives available but as we all know, not all of them aspire to challenge the hegemony of WordPress and some of them are in a complete mess. So, before you opt for a WordPress alternative, you need to make sure that you are putting your trust on the best possible alternatives. To make your task easier, here we are going to share some cool wordpress alternatives that you can give a try without a second thought: 1. Geeklog: It is a much popular and quite familiar name in the domain of content management system. This CMS comes loaded with the basic features like spam protection, trackbacks, commenting, multiple syndication formats and other basic features that you need to run a blog successfully. The best part of this CMS is that it is highly customizable and there is less number of bells and whistles attached. But wait, if you are new around CMS, you should not fiddle with Geeklog. It is a food for the...

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