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E-Commerce Web Design: Going Beyond User Interface

The internet has become a source of convenience in numerous aspects of our lives. More and more people opt to shop online as it gives them the luxury of doing so wherever they are and whatever time they want to. As such, e-commerce has become a booming business. However, e-commerce web design is not simply about the user interface that you choose for your site. There are numerous tips that you could integrate into the design of your website. This ensures that your potential customers are getting a wholesome experience. So what are some of the tips that will...

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The Well Rounded E-Commerce Website – What You Need to Know

Companies all over the world now know that the internet can help them boost sales, increase their customer base and offer an enhanced customer service experience.  Too many though don’t understand all the ways in which these goals can be met.  For some, a simple single goal sales website seems like enough.  But a well rounded e-commerce website and internet presence can yield a high return on investment when managed correctly. The best way to accomplish this is to use a system which works as a support to SAP E-commerce by Sutton Silver and standards.  A well rounded e-commerce...

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