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How to design Eid Wish Card in Photoshop

Eid-ul-Adha is an Important Religious holiday celebrated by all Muslims from whole world. It is celebrated every year on the 10th day of 12th month of Islamic Calendar, i.e. 10th of Dhu al Hajj. As it is also coming this month, so we are going to make a Wish Card in Photoshop. This tutorial will let you know some new techniques, so must try. 1. First of all take a new file in Photoshop having the size and resolution as follows: 2. Create new Layer and fill it with the following Gradient: you will have something like this: 3. Pick Rounded Rectangle Tool  and draw a rectangle having 25px rounded corners and 520px width and 760px height. In Layer panel type 0% in Fill Opacity and apply 1px Yellow stroke over it as, place it in the middle of the file as: 4. Create another Rounded Rectangle, but this time having the size 530px width and 770px height, apply same Stroke and Fill Opacity, place it in the middle of the file, so you should have this: 5. Again make a rounded rectangle, but this time having the size 400px width and 400px height, fill it with #6299bb color as: 6. Press Ctrl+T and rotate it 45 degree, press Ctrl+J to duplicate it and move 30px up, reduce the opacity to 80%, again press Ctrl+J to duplicate it and...

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Eid Wishes and Eid Cards

Eid is the Islamic Festival soon after the month of Ramadan. It celebrated on the first day of Islamic month of Shawwal. So as Muslims just celebrated the holy month of Ramadan and now they are going to celebrate Eid. So to convey our heartiest wishes to all Muslims of the world, we have collected Eid Cards and Eid Wishes for them. So Stunningmesh whole team convey their best compliments and wishes to all Muslims of the world. Share...

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