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Seven Special Mugs

A mug can make a statement about personality as much as clothing or accessories. A unique mug can be an icebreaker or a conversation piece at the office water cooler, over your master’s degree dissertation desk, or with guests at home. Below are some examples of attention-grabbing mugs sure to break up the ordinary morning routine just a bit: The Melting Iceburg Mug: The melting iceberg mug features an image on the exterior of the mug that changes with the temperature. The mug has a second layer of heat-sensitive ink that reveals the hidden image when a hot beverage is poured in. The image of the iceberg is replaced with water, simulating melting due to global warming. It’s a nifty little novelty that’s also an environmental reminder. The Face Mug: The face mug has a nook in the open mouth for placing food, such as cookies or crackers. A doughnut produces the most humorous effect because it only partially fits. This mug looks comical even when there’s nothing in the nook. The Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug: The disappearing civil liberties mug has the Bill of Rights printed around the outside. When hot liquid is poured in, some of the individual rights disappear. As the liquid cools or is consumed, the words reappear. It’s a subtle and satirical comment on the effects of the Patriot Act. My Cuppa Coffee Mug:...

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How to convert Normal Face to Photogenic Face

In this Photoshop Tutorial we will be learning a technique in which you will be able to convert a Normal face into Photogenic face. You must have found a lot of tutorials regarding this, but here we will discuss a different technique. We will also learn How to clean any picture by using a different and very simple technique. This would be really helpful for those who are in photography field. We have chosen this picture on which we would be working on (we have taken this picture from here), after opening this picture, press Ctrl+J to duplicate it...

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Realistic Tattoo on your Face

Today I’m going to tell you a technique, by using this technique you can put Tattoos on your Picture. Some techniques, commands are new in this tutorial, so must try. 1. For this tutorial, you must be needing your picture (or any picture) and the Tattoo picture you wanted to paste. 2. So open your picture file, duplicate the layer and then press Shift+Ctrl+U to Desaturate it (if Picture is in color then you have to do this, otherwise no need of it, in my case I’m not doing so as this picture is in Black and White). 3. Now I’m going to add 3 Adjustment Layers, i.e. Levels, Brightness/Contrast, and Curves. So first run the command, Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels and give the following settings: 4. Now run the command, Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast, give the following settings: 4. In the last run the command, Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels and give the following settings: 5. You will get the following look: 6. Now simply save this file and give it any name. 7. If you want to give your image a bit angry look, or whatever harder look, you can use Burn tool to do so, I’ve use it, because my image is already having hard look, so I’ve not used it a lot: 8. Now its time to...

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