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HTML5 vs Flash – The Infographic

Thinking of building a website as a way of presenting yourself online, promoting your brand and growing your customer base?  Then you may well be considering using one of the online providers that allow you to build your own website.  Then comes the important decision of whether to use Flash or HTML5.  If you’re not sure what HTML5 means and you think that Flash is a superhero from the comic books, then you’ll need some help to make that decision. A great way of sussing out which would be the most suitable for your website needs is to use...

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5 Flash Tricks You Can Do With HTML5

Will HTML5 kill Flash? This is one of the biggest debates surrounding the emergence of HTML5. In truth, HTML5 offers a smaller footprint, more flexibility and a lower development ceiling, but it will take a few years before it has matured to the level of Flash. With that said, one of the most exciting features of HTML5 is the <canvas> element. Just like Flash, Canvas can be use to draw vector graphics, create amazing effects, or design entire video games and animations with the help of JavaScript. It is supported in all modern browsers, including the upcoming Internet Explorer...

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