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7 Ways to Increase Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest was launched as a closed beta in March of 2010 although didn’t see explosive growth until late 2011, gaining an especially strong following with the female demographic.  So what is the pull that is alluring people to Pinterest?  I would assume it’s the ease of use, the Twitter/Facebook integration combined with the sense of exclusivity provided by the signup process being “invite” only.  While the actual process isn’t really invite only, the appeal of “requesting an invite” seems to trick the masses into thinking it is. Users on Pinterest are able to share images and videos of practically anything and everything you can think of, which allows for sharing and re-pinning of likely images set to appeal to the curious web activist.  In November 2011 Pinterest had around 3.6 million unique visitors which is astronomical growth considering they came up from out of nowhere.  Popular images being shared seems to be a hit and people are repining and sharing millions of images a day.  The question then begs, how can I leverage Pinterest for my business? I have compiled a list of 7 great ways to use Pinterest to help grow your brand and will outline them in hopes that they can help grow your business with the proper implementation.  1. Have A Graphical Appeal: Pinterest may not be for every business out there, first of all you...

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How to increase your Facebook Following Significantly

Whether your site’s topic is about travel, art, automotive, beauty, business, or diet (like mine), leveraging the social power of Facebook is indispensable. Facebook is the 2nd largest website in the world, the biggest social media site in the world and the site with the most interaction in every field. It currently boasts over 750 million users in the whole world and I think that is no small feat for any single site. When it comes to building and marketing a successful website the importance of effectively leveraging the power of Facebook should never be underestimated. I recently discovered...

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