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Write Quality Content for the Web – 10 Useful Tips

If you are a writer, you must be able to differentiate between writing for a web and writing for print media. In most cases online audience won’t be reading the complete article unless your article is capable of grabbing their attention. When it comes to print media, one has to read every word in order to understand the article. This is not the case with online articles as a reader will only scroll down till the end, scan the article and see if he is interested in reading it. So, you need to change your writing style if you are writing for websites. Your writing should have a positive impact on the reader so that an interest can be developed in his mind to read your entire article and benefit from it. Following are a few tips which can help you in writing for web effectively: 1. Segment Your Article : Honestly, I would never read an article which is full of paragraphs and no breaks. When I say breaks, it means that an article should have headings and sub headings in order to make the reading convenient for the reader. An article with no breaks can appear to be a very boring article regardless of the fact how interesting it is. Also, you are writing for the visitor and not for yourself. A reader might not have enough...

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Alien Text Effect in Photoshop

So here is another Text Effect in Photoshop. You can use this effect to make titles for your site, printing material etc. It is quite easy tutorial, simple Blending options to use. So hopefully it will be an addition in your gallery. 1. First of all take a new file of any size, I’m going to take 560×400 px size with RGB color mode and 72 DPI. 2. Now choose any background and put it on your file like: 3. Its time to write your text over it. Try to write text in Bold font, I’ve used Impact fond with Green color: 4. Now I’m going to apply Layer Styles over this text layer (Layer >> Layer Styles), I’m going to use Drop Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Bevel & Emboss, Gradient Overlay & finally Pattern Overlay. So chose these command one by one and apply the following settings in relevant boxes. 5. When you hit ok, this kind of effect should come: 6. Now duplicate your image layer and place it over the Text layer. Then change the blending mode of this layer from Normal to Softlight. You will get this effect: 7. Again duplicate this image layer and place it over the previous copied layer and change the blending mode from Normal to Overlay and reduce the opacity to 50% and fill to 50%: you will get...

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