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Ten useful sites to Sell your Design Work

If you need to sell your work, like Templates, Interfaces, Stationery Designs (like Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Letterheads, Banners, Digital Sign Boards etc.), Flash work, CMS Templates, WordPress Themes, Fonts, Icons, Videos etc. and not finding best places, then we have collected 10 websites on which you can sell your Design Work. At the end of this post we would also be adding few more sites, so you may also find more than 10 sites. These are very useful and important locations you may Bookmark these sites. Graphic River: 99 Designs: Amazing web page design that doesn’t cost the...

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A Peep into the Trendiest Web Design Practices of the Year

When it comes to designing industry, with every passing day new technology is introduced hence, trends change rapidly. If you are website owner, it is time for you to change your website design following the new trends of 2012. Now, I am not saying that you should continue to follow the trends started in the first month of the year till the last year of the month. Designing trends will change every now and then but you should adapt the set pattern for the New Year. Adjusting to new trends does not mean that you have to completely redesign your website. The change should be subtle yet up-to-date. Following new trends is also a great path for designers to evolve every now and then. If you are a designer, you should be constantly on the outlook for new trends and discover something fresh, happening and attractive for the visitors of websites. Good change is always welcomed by people so with New Year, give your visitors something new and trendy. As mentioned earlier, trends do not change drastically every year, as they are just a better version of what was being followed previous year. You should constantly strive to put something forward which is better than all previous trends. Every designer has its own way of designing and if you are a sharp designer, you will know how to incorporate...

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18 Symbolic Fonts for you to download

We have collected 18 Symbolic Fonts related to Sports, Animals, Buildings, Business, Landmarks, Fruits etc. So you can download and use for making related things. We have also given Screenshots so you can have better idea which one to download. Almanac MT: [ Download Font ] AmericanIndian: [ Download Font ] Animals1: [ Download Font ] Bearpaw Bats: [ Download Font ] Buildings: [ Download Font ] Daoth: [ Download Font ] Festive: [ Download Font ] FoodDings: [ Download Font ] Furniture: [ Download Font ] Household: [ Download Font ] Hygiene: [ Download Font ] Inter: [ Download Font ] Military: [ Download Font ] Fleurons: [ Download Font ] Plants: [ Download Font ] Sports&Hobbies: [ Download Font ] Stars1: [ Download Font ] Stars2: [ Download Font ] Share...

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