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10 Best Paid Sources to Get Traffic for your Blog or Site

For any website or blog it is essential to have visitors. There are many sources to get Traffic and one of them is the Paid Source. If you can afford to pay some amount to get Traffic on your website or blog, then here are 10 Best sources, you will have to pay some amount and will be getting a lot of traffic and business of course. Google Adwords: Facebook Advertising: Youtube Ads: Amazon Advertising: Microsoft adCenter: Admob: Lead Impact: Traffic Vance: Super Media: Ad Market Place: Share...

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BloggerArena – Best Place to Submit your Articles, Tutorials, News

Blogging is becoming a very huge business these days. Many are becoming bloggers and running their own blog(s). Every blogger need traffic to their Blog or Website. There are many ways to get traffic, the best source is the Search Engines, depending upon the keywords used in your post. In other ways there are some Social sites where you can post your articles to get traffic. You also need some Forums to post your article to get Traffic. One more way is to submit your articles on some Community News Sites. Many blogs are also offering Community News Section...

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How Google’s +1 Can Benefit Your SEO Efforts

Have you taken advantage of Google’s latest trend, the + 1? If you have a website and you want traffic, you need to start thinking about how you can implement the + 1. Google’s + 1 is the newest trend that allows users to share their experience with others. Since Google came out with the concept, it only makes sense that it will be supported (i.e., given consideration in regards to traffic and rankings). Of course, that is just a theory. What is Google +1: Google’s new + 1 is kind of similar to what Google buzz used to be. This time, though, the goal is not to get people to converse or talk about any content. Instead, it is a way that users can recommend content to others who are looking for quality content. When someone comes across a website, article, or even one of Google’s advertisements, they can click on the + 1. When a + 1 is clicked, it turns blue so the user knows they have clicked the + 1 button. When other people come across the content, they can see that it has been approved by other users who have given + 1s. Of course, in order to + 1 a site, you have to have a Google account, but it is free to get one. The Google + 1 trend is one that...

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