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A Designer’s Guide to Make the Best Use of Google+

With the growing popularity of social networking, Google+ brought a system of social interaction which became interesting for all. Because social interaction has become so much as a necessity for people of the modern world, innovative approaches to make it better are always welcomed. And that is certainly what Google+ brought. Google+ took on the aspect of introducing a social interaction method by taking in view how people interact in daily life and to employ it on the internet world to make online networking better. For example, is someone has issues regarding letting all of the people to see what they have put up as their current activity, they can put them in circles designed for different groups of your social circle so that what you put up can be seen only by them and not by everyone. This aspect is interesting not only for people wanting to have fun with friends but it can also be used for business purposes. In business purposes, designers can take a big benefit from Google+ and can use it in interesting and effective ways in their work. Apart from connecting with friends and family, designers can use Google+ to connect to other people from their profession, find interesting people with whom they can share their ideas and come up with more and also get inspirations for further or current projects. If you...

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E-Commerce Adopting Google+ Brand Pages

With the growing realization that social networking platforms can play a major role in a company’s overall marketing plan, the very recent addition to Google+ has attracted some heavy hitters. Two influences that have attracted the attention of major retailers are the hopes that using the search engine’s own social media product will have SEO significance and that a significant section of a prime buying demographic will be accessed, namely college students. With online learning now playing a significant role in traditional and adult courses, current and future generations of potential buyers may come around to the just launched Google+ business pages. Hitting the ground running: Open to the public on November 7th, Google+ Pages had a rush of early users. According to the tech research firm, Bright Edge, 61 of the nation’s top 100 brands created Google+ business pages within the first week of the site’s launch. Though nearly all of these same brands already have Facebook pages, such a strong initial showing serves as a measure of confidence in Google+. In addition to Pages’ strong showing, November traffic on Google+ spiked with its third largest showing in the social media site’s history. While more data is needed to determine where the growth came from, two likely suspects come to mind. Hangouts, Circles and the people who love them: Both Google+ user accounts and the site’s business pages...

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