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Hot Google Page Rank Secrets: Hot Links

To get high page rank, copywriting, quality content and SEO aren’t enough. The real help comes from hot links from other web sites with...

Facts – Advantages and Disadvantages of Major Blogging Platforms

Blogs are considered the oldest form of sharing thoughts in social media. The advent of social media websites as Facebook and Twitter has made...

The serendipity of connecting with Google+ now

At the basic Networking 101 level, we all learned that getting our names out and developing relationships was the name of the game. For...

How Google’s +1 Can Benefit Your SEO Efforts

Have you taken advantage of Google’s latest trend, the + 1? If you have a website and you want traffic, you need to start...

E-Commerce Adopting Google+ Brand Pages

With the growing realization that social networking platforms can play a major role in a company’s overall marketing plan, the very recent addition to...

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