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How to wrap an image around an object in photoshop

Sometimes you want to put your picture on any object and that object would be in any shape and direction. So I’m going to tell you how you can wrap your picture around any object and it will give realistic look. We would be using Adobe Photoshop CS version as we need Warp command in it. 1. First of all you need some pictures, the main picture around which you want to put your picture, so I’m using this picture as main picture: 2. Now we would be needing 4 pictures to wrap around these buckets. Insert one of...

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Setting Priorities Making Preferences for a Boosting Design Business

Designers whether self employed or working in a design agency, have loads of different kinds of work always at hand and most of them require equal attention. Each one of them fights for your attention and sometimes it can get frustrating where you can’t seem to decide what to do first and what to do later. From working on a project for one client; replying to emails and recording finances to managing payments, these and all such works are the ones which have equal importance in your work. Where you have yourself involved in so many different things and an over-flowing to-do-list, thinking of how to prioritize them effectively can be a big challenge. A day spent doing productive stuff is important but what’s more important is how to prioritize them ‘effectively’ so that it leads you to a successful routine where you end your day with having a feeling of fulfillment. In our article today, we will look at some of the most important tips to make you learn how to manage your time in the most effective manner. This will tell you how to manage all those loads of tasks so that each gets its due attention and you get them done on time. Meeting Deadlines: The main purpose of work piling one over the other is because there is a struggle to meet deadlines. So for...

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Photoshop Tutorial – Create an Explosive Color Swath

In this Photoshop Video tutorial you will learn how to make Explosive Color Swatch. You will learn how to use Gradient Tool, Brush Tool by following this tutorial. This tutorial is made by TutVid and published on Youtube. So purpose is only to provide you Graphic Techniques. Enjoy watching and following this tutorial. Share...

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