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Are Virtual Employees A Legitimate Business Option?

With small businesses struggling to survive, it’s no surprise that financial expenditures are being shifted to keep your business afloat. After the mass layoffs in the last decade, you may be looking for alternate ways to save a buck and stay in business. Whether your business is just getting off the ground or someone who has been struggling for a long time, you should consider virtual employees. A study presented by Mashable found that a whopping 44% of companies have used Crowdsourcing and 83% see the potential. Virtual employees can be beneficial for you in a variety of ways; you’ll just need to find that one that makes the most sense for your company. Virtual Administrative Assistant: If you’ve created a growing small business, you know the importance of getting phone calls through, faxes sent and contacts connected. However, running a business on your own, and taking care of these general duties can be time consuming. As the economy worsened, a new breed of employees emerged from the woodwork known as virtual assistants.  A virtual assistant’s duties range with what you need and what they or the company they work for you provides. Often these are people who have been in an office setting for years and simply can’t get back onto the job market. So, for less than it costs to hire someone full time at minimum wage,...

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How to attract more guest post authors

To create an interesting blog is a pretty difficult job but to maintain it at a high level is incomparable more difficult. Sometimes a whole team stays behind a blog, but sometimes it could be a single man. The frequency of posting is a major factor in determining the number of bloggers who post for a blog. However, there are also others key “players” as: the quality and the length of the posts, the topics debated, the target public and so on. A possible source of posts may come from bloggers who need recognition and in exchanging of a short personal bio they write an article or more. The person writing such a post is called guest author and his work – guest post. The mechanism is pretty simple: receive recognition by providing quality; in fact there is a business, which is advantageous as for both parts. The owner of the blog, in case of publishing a quality post, may receive a better traffic and the writer established his image of a good blogger. The disadvantages may be considered the following: the possible inconsistency of the posts, the various formats or the subjects treated, but also the multiple outbound links which may lower the rank of the blog in the positioning of the search engines. Personally, I consider the acceptance of the guest posts more positive than negative. Here,...

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Invoicera Review: Enjoy easy online Invoicing with Invoicera

After checking the several online invoice billing services I found Invoicera as the best online billing service. There are several reasons to support this but before that I would like to share some its important features which will help you also to make a better and self satisfactory judgment about this service. The unmatched features which it has launched have made this online invoicing application more trustworthy. The way it is dedicated towards its services is surely going to make it on the top of the online billing tools and I will not be surprised if it will overcome all the other online billing services through its well structured and customized features. To begin with its features I would like to start from the one which I appreciated the most and that is supporting multiple languages and currencies. Imagine how easy it will be for you if you can send invoices to your clients in their respective languages and currency as well. There are 11 languages which Invoicera supports you to send your invoices. This feature allowed me to make a global approach towards my clients and that too irrespective of my location. However, there are several other features which made my experience of using it, a wonderful one. The next thing is the degree of flexibility which it provides to its subscribers like: 16 payment gateways which it...

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