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Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 4

It is very important lecture, in this lecture you will learn some commands which you will be using later again and again. PATTERN STAMP TOOL (Shortcut Key S) It is very important tool, by using this tool you can use patterns on your desire location by Brushing. Before using any pattern don’t forget to take new Layer. Because if you need to remove that pattern just delete its layer. Pick this tool and then from the top property panel you can chose Brush of your own style. How to add more brushes? If you want to add more brush styles,...

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Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 3

Hopefully you have studied first two lectures so here is the third one. This is the part of Adobe Photoshop Training. LASSO TOOL (Shortcut Key L) This tool is also used for Selection. There are three tools inside this tool. Lasso Tool , Polygonal Lasso Tool  and Magnetic Lasso tool . Lasso Tool : If you want to make Freeform selection, mean while using your mouse pointer you want to select. Just hold this tool and take mouse pointer to your desire location and hold left click and then drag the mouse on your desire location. Just leave the...

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Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 2

Hopefully you have practiced Adobe Photoshop Lecture 1, so here we are going to start Lecture 2, so get ready. In this lecture we are going to be familiar with some Tools, because it is necessary to know some information about these tools, without that it would be difficult for you to go forward. So we will be trying to discuss most common tools. MARQUEE TOOL: Shortcut key M (and to use other Marquee tools inside it you have to use Shift+M) Inside this tool you will find four different tools, Rectangular Marquee Tool , Elliptical Marquee Tool ,...

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