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Decoding Some Misunderstandings About HTML5

Many people say that HTML5 is a substitute or a replacement for Flash but it is not the case. The following article shows how they are different from each other and cannot be called a substitute. We find a lot of misconceptions and wrong beliefs when it comes to technology. There is always something or the other that surrounds a certain technology or tools. Since the advent of HTML 5 there have been a lot of misunderstandings about HTML 5. Many developers also have misconceptions but when you actually work with these technologies we will be to unlock a...

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HTML5 vs Flash – The Infographic

Thinking of building a website as a way of presenting yourself online, promoting your brand and growing your customer base?  Then you may well be considering using one of the online providers that allow you to build your own website.  Then comes the important decision of whether to use Flash or HTML5.  If you’re not sure what HTML5 means and you think that Flash is a superhero from the comic books, then you’ll need some help to make that decision. A great way of sussing out which would be the most suitable for your website needs is to use...

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Top 10 Tech Innovations of 2012

Over the years, we have witnessed the continuing rise of various devices that make all of us crazy to have. The technology is transforming in a fast pace in such a way that the traditional industries are crumbling quickly. Browsing the World Wide Web will give you idea about the innovations in technology particularly this year. In this digital era it is quite hard to determine the top 10 tech innovations. Nevertheless, the internet and some experts can give us their predictions and wild guess about the latest trends in technology. Predicted Innovations in Technology: 1. Touch Computing: Using graphical user interface is more in demand, thus using desktop computers will be outdated by touch screens. 2. Social Gestures: It is also called as frictionless sharing that was introduced by Facebook. The user need not click a button when sharing media instead any relevant app that you approved will be posted in your profile. 3. Mobile Payments: This innovation in technology replaces the credit card payments. 4. Amazon’s Kindle Fire: This device is predicted to outsell iPad in terms of the cost and functionality. 5. TV Everywhere: It is the latest innovation in technology that allows the users to watch their favorite shows conveniently on their hands. 6. Voice Control: This is another popular trend in 2012 that allows the users not only sending texts but also creating reminders...

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