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Ten useful sites to Sell your Design Work

If you need to sell your work, like Templates, Interfaces, Stationery Designs (like Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Letterheads, Banners, Digital Sign Boards etc.), Flash work, CMS Templates, WordPress Themes, Fonts, Icons, Videos etc. and not finding best places, then we have collected 10 websites on which you can sell your Design Work. At the end of this post we would also be adding few more sites, so you may also find more than 10 sites. These are very useful and important locations you may Bookmark these sites.

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Trendykit – Source files community

Trendykit is a place where you can find Source files of different tools, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flash and few more. You can also find Templates with source files having CSS/HTML. A lot of PNG Icons are also present there. Hope you will like to bookmark this site to get a lot of free Source Files.

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Fantastic Icons by Icons-Land

Like its name, Icons-Land is the place where you can find Fantastic collection of Icons. It is a very cool destination for different Icons set. World Class artists are here for you to create Best Vector Art. You have a large variety to choose Icons for your need and desire according to your projects.

Icons-Land offers an impressive collection of Icons, Emoticons, Avatars etc. There are huge galleries about Software Icons, Weather, GIS/GPS/Map, POI Icons, Sports, Transport, Hardware, Multimedia, Arrow and a lot more.

Beside all this you can also get your Custom Design solution. There are two types of Custom Design Solution, Icons-Land is offering.

Designing Exclusive Icons Set:

You can order this service in case you need icons designed exclusively for you. In this case Icons-Land design icons in style you need. They will not sell these icons to somebody else.

Extending Existing Stock Icons Set:

You can order this service in case you purchased one or more Icons-Land stock icons sets and you need more icons in the same style that are not in their collection. In this case Icons-land design icons you need in style of our icon set. You receive the same rights as for stock icons.

Icons Land also offering the following services:

  • Animation Design
  • Skin Design
  • Software Box Design
  • CD/DVD Cover Design
  • Logo Design
  • 3D Design

Check out some absolutely beautiful examples of Vector Art, Icons-Land is offering:

Vista Style Base Software Icons Set:

Previously known Elements Icon Set is advanced into Base Software Icons Set. It contains new icons and modifications suitable for every type of software and web sites. Base Software Icons offers icons that mean actions, objects and states. These icons are suitable for ribbons, toolbars, status bars, menus, categories, links, etc.

Vista Style Weather Icons Set:

Icons-Land offer many weather conditions variants, even more than are used on weather forecast sites which makes our Weather Icons irreplaceable in designing special applications for PC and mobile devices, web sites and widgets. Weather Icons can be widely used on maps, weather broadcast sites, on tourism and recreation-related sites, when describing current and foreseen weather conditions.

Vista Style GIS/GPS/MAP Icon Set:

This icon set contains great number of icons to be used in mapping systems, cartography, local service providers systems, GIS applications, GPS tracking applications. There are many points of interest, pinpoints, containers, devices, etc.

Vista Style Sport Icon Set:

This icon set contains 60 icons that represent different sports, activities and sport inventory. These sports include archery, badminton, baseball, basketball, bicycling, billiard, bowling, boxing, cards, chess, climbing, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, martial arts, motor sport, ping-pong, rowing, skating, skiing, soccer, surfing, swimming, tennis, volleyball, weight training, windsurfing. The sport are pictured in Vista style, making your applications appear great. These icons are suitable for specialized software applications, mobile applications, websites, e-stores and presentations.

Vista Style Transport Icon Set:

This icon set represents 41 transports in 235 variations including cars, trucks, police, excavator, tow truck, ambulance, taxi, subway, trains, buses, airplanes, helicopters, ships and more. The transports are pictured in Windows Vista style, making your applications always appear great. These icons are suitable for GPS, Mapping, Scheduling, Transportation, Cargo, Assets Management, Traveling and other software applications and websites.

A lot of more Galleries are present.

To discover huge collection of Stunning and Best Vector Icons, visit Icons-Lands.

Roundup of Mix Tutorials from TutorialsPalace

TutorialsPalace is the best place to find Tutorials, Free stuff like Icons, Fonts, Software, Gradients, Patterns, Styles and also Wallpapers. From here you can also find Latest News about Graphic/Web Designing Field. I hope you will really enjoy visit this site. Now we are presenting some tutorials from TutorialsPalace.com

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