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3 Free accounts worth $199 each for one month from Pixmac

Yes this is right, we are going to give 3 Free accounts to our readers worth $199 each / month to get pictures from Pixmac. Pixmac is a leading Microstock photography site, offering Stock photos and Vector illustrations for all your print advertising and website needs. You don’t have to register an account on Pixmac. Pixmac Introduction: Pixmac is here to be the fastest, most usable and reliable microstock agency out there…anywhere in the image marketplace. So if you’re looking for best picture or just trying to sell your best shot, Pixmac is your perfect tool, with accurate search results and lots of help for you at every step. Pixmac was launched in September 2008, and is under constant development to bring you the best user experience ever. We are surfing the Web, looking around, having meetings and brainstorming 24/7. Our only goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We invite you to join our community and see the possibilities with Pixmac. Feel free to contact us and tell us your experience with Pixmac. Together we can make it easier, faster and more efficient for you to find what you want. Royalty Free Stock Pictures for Inspiration: Prizes: 3 readers will get 199$ each, One month subscription from Pixmac. How to Participate? You don’t have to do anything special, simply Like our Facebook page at, http://www.facebook.com/thestunningmesh, after doing so you have...

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Royalty Free Stock Photos at Fotolia

Fotolia is the first worldwide social marketplace for royalty free stock images, allowing individuals and professionals to legally buy and share stock images and illustrations. Fotolia offers the largest image bank of free and affordable royalty free photos and illustrations perfect for any medium, web or print. Photographers and designers constantly update Fotolia with thousands of new photos and illustrations each day, while photographers and designers receive commission from each photo sold and revenue from advertising on the free section. Overview : Similar to the music or film industry, Fotolia believe that every artist’s (photographers and designers) image is a work of the soul and protected by intellectual property rights. Fotolia is convinced that the principle reason for illegal pirated use of protected images is mainly due to the high price barrier created by other agencies. Fotolia provides a compromise between photographers and buyers, by protecting a photographer’s intellectual property rights and offering high commissions, while legally lowering the price barrier so that everyone may enjoy/afford these beautiful images. Fotolia challenges the traditional closed agency model by offering the opportunity to monetize their talents to everyone, hobbyist or professional, whatever their fame, status, or size of portfolio may be. Thanks to our collaborative online model, Fotolia is able to offer individuals and professionals (advertising agencies, press, small business, graphic artists, designers) the greatest image collection in the world for...

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Puzzleup your Picture

In this Photoshop tutorial we are going to make a Puzzle, then we will mask our picture into it. We will not be using existing Puzzle, we will make Puzzle by our self. So many new things for you to learn, new techniques in this tutorial. 1. Lets start with a new empty file of size 560×400 px with RGB color mode and 72DPI resolution. 2. Now first of all, Create a New Group in layer panel, by clicking on Create a new group Icon: 3. Pick Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle of size 50 px x 50px, having any color: 4. Right click on its name in Layer Panel and select Rasterize Layer. Now pick Ellipse Tool and draw an ellipse of size 20px x 20px, have same color as of Rectangle. But you have to put in center of the rectangle horizontally but 15px above the rectangle, so 5px should touch the rectangle. As shown below: 5. Press Ctrl+J to duplicate this circle and move it on the bottom of the rectangle, but this time 15px should overlap the rectangle and 5px below the rectangle. As shown below (for your convenience I’ve filled this circle with red color): 6. Now do the same thing with Horizontally this time as shown below: 7. Now select both layers of Red Ellipse and press Ctrl+E to merge these two...

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