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Why Designing Better Interface Is Important?

With the continual growth of the use of smartphones and tablets, there is a need for apps for different things. This could be for games, productivity, music, drawing, and many many other things. There are thousands of apps in the Apple app store and the Android market. Combine this with the billions of downloads for these apps, and you have proof to show how big apps are for today’s technology. There are many apps that are used such as Facebook and Angry Birds that are widely known and downloaded. While there are many apps that are developed, many are...

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How to design an Interface in Photoshop

This is very important tutorial for those who wanted to make their First ever website project. In this tutorial I’ll teach you how you can make your First ever Interface (Mockup) for your project. You will also learn some basic things to keep in mind before starting the project. So lets start. Note: As we are making a proper interface and it is having large size so it will not fit here, so I’m going to reduce the size of every file to fit here. If you want to see the final large image then click on the bottom image to see actual large view. 1. First of all we have to see that for which Screen Resolution we are going to make the Interface? Mostly interfaces are being made for 1280 x 1024 resolution. So you have to give some extra space for Vertical Scroll bar for all browsers. Height should not be a matter but width should be. I mean to say Horizontal Scroll bar for any project looks Odd. So we are going to make an interface for 1280 x 1024 resolution. Let us take a new file in Photoshop having width 1200 px and height 800 px. I’m intentionally taking smaller height file, so that I’ll let you know how you can increase the height after making some part of interface. So take the new...

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Design Usability and All About It

It does not matter how beautiful the dress is, if you are not comfortable with it., the dress is a complete waste. Same goes for a website, if your website looks great but is not easy to use, your website is a failure. However, this does not mean that you should not focus on the layout. Beautiful and attractive layout is important however, the your priority should be easy navigation. I have seen a lot of fresh designers focusing more on coming up with an attractive layout instead of trying to make website more user-friendly. This is exactly where they go wrong because they need to focus more on usability and less on the outlook. With a perfect layout you can grab the initial attention but if a user is unable to navigate through your website, he will leave it regardless of how pretty your website looks. Understanding the Concept of Design Usability : To be simple and precise, usability is making functions and features of your website easy and accessible. Now, when you put your website over the internet, you cannot control the kind of audience who will be visiting your website. Obviously you have a target audience in mind but while making a website you need to design a generic website which is easy to use for every kind of person. You can make a visitor stay...

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