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Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 5

Hopefully you have already worked on Previous lectures so here is the Lecture 5. ERASER TOOL (Shortcut key E) In this tool you will find 3...

Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 4

It is very important lecture, in this lecture you will learn some commands which you will be using later again and again. PATTERN STAMP TOOL...

Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 3

Hopefully you have studied first two lectures so here is the third one. This is the part of Adobe Photoshop Training. LASSO TOOL (Shortcut Key L) This...

Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 2

Hopefully you have practiced Adobe Photoshop Lecture 1, so here we are going to start Lecture 2, so get ready.In this lecture we are...

Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 1

Here we are, I've started Adobe Photoshop lectures. I'm trying to start all courses at once. So you may not get bore, so get...

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