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The Beautiful and Attractive Lighting Effects Tutorials

Photoshop is no doubt very vast field. There are a lot of things to learn in Photoshop. Designers also have to do a lot things in Photoshop. Photo manipulation is very popular and designers are working on this technique. We have also collected some beautiful and attractive Photoshop lighting effects tutorials to help them. They can get a lot things by following these awesome tutorials. You may also find these kind of effects on UPrinting brochures. Enjoy surfing!!! Quick and Effective Lighting and Decoration Techniques for Photo Manipulation in Photoshop: Excellent Lighting Effect Tutorial in Photoshop: Create A Light...

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Useful and Creative 3D Studio MAX Tutorials

For those designers who wanted to become 3D Experts in 3D Studio Max, here we collected some awesome 3d studio max tutorials made using 3D Studio Max. You will learn 3D Modeling in 3D Studio Max, Object Making, Lighting Effects, Interior Decoration and a lot more. Noise Modifier to make Stairs in 3D Studio Max: The Making of Al Pacino Sculpt: Making of “The Hunter”: Low-Poly Character Modeling and Texturing: The Making of Kehel, elf warrior: Modeling a Cartoon Duck: Young Rodeo: Making of Wolverine: Bad Pussy (Hungarian): Lattice and Skylight effects in 3D Studio Max: Making of Binah:...

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