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A Detailed Logo Design Guideline to Help you Create Professional Looking Logos For your Business

You may not realize it but there is more to logo design than simply designing some colorful graphics and adding decorative text. It is something that will define your business and eventually your brand. Therefore, you need to put in a lot more effort than you think you do. However, you cannot just decide to create a professional quality logo without paying close attention to certain details and following certain guidelines. You must realize that creating a logo to define your business takes a long time and there are several processes involved to ensure that you create a logo...

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The Ingenious Use of the Letter ‘i’ in Logo Design

The letter ‘i’ is not usually considered a very exciting letter. Straight up and down with little more than a dot to make it stand out, it doesn’t have the sensual curves of ‘s’ or the impact of ‘x’. It doesn’t even have the unusual look of ‘q’. So to use letter ‘i’ in Logo Design may require some extra attention. It can seem hard to believe that such a humble letter can inspire any exciting designs, but it can. The letter ‘i’ can even be used to create clever logos with instant impact, and this collection will show...

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Logo Design – The Line Between Brilliant & Busy

When creating a logo there are two main principles that must be followed; concept and execution. This is where we will be able to differentiate and to draw the line between brilliant and busy. When creating a logo several different logo ideas will come to mind. However each of these ideas could take many different ways to bring them to life. With so many choices and directions to turn in how would you know the right one? A good designer will always know when he has overdone it. This does not only apply to making the logo too busy...

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