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Who Uses Facebook and How It Influences Ecommerce?

We can call this era a “Facebook era” because of the increasing trend of people engaging themselves with it. It has been proved that 1/5th of the world’s population in on Facebook and more than 2 billion on Twitter. Take a signal, any business online or offline without the assistance of social media sites would probably end up with miserable outcomes. Gear up your business strategies with the help of Facebook for the furtherance of your business. Well, before you take off with business strategies it is vital to educate you with the information on who all are on...

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Your Top Tools in Marketing

When economic downturn hits, the first line of spending to be cut in the vast majority of businesses is the marketing budget. And when this happens, we often watch businesses that are in a tough position, slide into a worse position, as they are hit by a slow economy, and then by declining awareness. Think about it – even in the tough times it is vital that potential consumers are aware your business offering exists! As a marketing strategist, one of the first things I tell my clients during downturn, or if they are a start-up and lacking capital...

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