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10 Best Sites made using 3D Software

I Want Candy

Though websites made using any 3D Software may become heavier but it must have an awesome look. Nice effects over it by using Flash may increase its decency. Here we have collected 10 awesome and beautiful Website, these are made using 3D Software like 3D Studio Max, Maya 3D, Blender …

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50 Nice and Cool 3D Models

Here we have collected some nice and cool 3D models, made using 3D Software, like 3D Studio Max, Maya 3D, Bryce 3D, Blender 3D, Lightwave 3D, Poser, AutoCAD etc. You will really appreciate the nice efforts done by the designers. This post includes, interior decoration, 3D objects, Cars, Robots, Sofas, …

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Best Graphic Design Animation

Here is very cool and excellent animation made using different tools like 3D-Studio Max, Maya 3D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier etc. Very enjoyable animation as it is having a lot of things to learn. You can get a lot of ideas after watching this animation.

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