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Get Your Blog Navigation Refurbished

Hyperlink is the fundamental part of internet since the time it came in the world. Web is given the name of web because it works on links, linking one page from the other. Links are what makes a web work so common sense implies that if we want to make our website work, we will have to put our efforts in designing the navigation system and the links. However, this does not always happen. To make everything work sooner, designers fall back upon those few tried and tested ways which has always been used for designing site navigation. The Present Situation of Site Navigation: The best thing about web designing is the innumerable options available to the designers. However, to save time and efforts, people still prefer to use the performed solutions for website navigation.   For sites that are working on a small level and which are more of a personal thing can work with a simple navigation bar towards the top of the page. For website which has more links of different pages, designers usually use a vertical option of navigation menu to give all the options of the linking websites on the page. Navigation bars are also designed in the form of a drop down menu to make the page look more compact. Coming to think of it, we know now why we settle down for...

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How to make Navigation Bar in Flash having Mouse Over Behavior

In this Flash Tutorial we are going to make a Navigation Bar which will be having Mouse Over behavior. When mouse will come over any item or link then some animation will run. This is very useful and important technique, by using this technique you can make animation of your own desire. So you may have better idea How to make Animated Navigation bar in Flash using Mouse Over behavior. So lets start. 1. First of all take a new file in Flash having the following size and Frame Rate etc. 2. Pick Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle having size 140px width and 200px height, place it on the left side of the stage, no matter what color it has: 3. Run the command Window >> Color or simply press Shift+F9 key to open color palette and make the following gradient and apply it on black strip from bottom to top: You may get this: 4. Select the red button and press F8 key to convert it into Symbol, write its name “home-button-bg” and select Movie Clip from Type list box and hit ok, now double click on it to go inside it and write the text “Home” on new layer as shown below: 5. Select the gradient layer, click on Frame 10 and hit F5 key to make frames, then right click over it and select Create...

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Navigation Bars with Source PSD

We have made some Navigation Bars styles for you. We are going to upload Source PSD file so you can modify anything according to your desire. You can use these for your upcoming Web Projects. So hopefully it will be a valuable asset for you, these are absolutely free so enjoy !!! [ DOWNLOAD SOURCE PSD ] [ DOWNLOAD SOURCE PSD ] Share...

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