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The Power of Testimonials and their Effective Usage

When it comes to business world, testimonials are definitely a perfect marketing tool. Although, many businessmen do not give testimonials the importance they deserve but if used effectively, testimonials can be a great way to market yourself and reach out to your target audience. People might not believe what you say about your services because no one will bad mouth himself. However, someone else praising you on your website can convince readers to go for your product. Obviously, someone else praising your services will be much more persuasive. Let’s be very honest about a few things. Customers nowadays are way too skeptical because of so many false promises being made by the products. If you have a few testimonials written on your website, you are giving new customers a reason to trust your product because no one will hear you tooting your own horn but yes, if someone else is praising you, it will definitely affect their approach. If you want to improve your credibility, request and use testimonials from clients effectively. Now, all testimonials are not supposed to be displayed because not all of them will have the same impact. Today, we will discuss how to get outstanding testimonials from clients and then use them for marketing. A single testimonial will have enough convincing power to attract more clients towards your products/services. Testimonials will basically demolish the distrust...

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Do not Just Stick to Design, Learn Some Marketing Too!

The designers of big firms do not have to worry about projects because they don’t find projects, projects find them. However, if you are a freelance designer, you should not just stick to designing only. Learning marketing can prove to be really beneficial for you. Since a freelancer is considered to be a one man show, he should have little bit of knowledge about everything that he will be required to do and self marketing is the most important aspect of it. Having a nice self promotion strategy will get you loads and loads of good work. Following are a few good tips that will make you a marketing professional along with a designer. Correct Usage of Business Cards: Business cards, if used in a right way, can work as a great publicity items. The reason is that they allow clients to contact you because all of your contact information is available there. You should not just stick with email signatures because people delete emails instantly whereas business cards are kept for a long time. As a designer, people would really expect you to have a nice, decent business card. Do not overdo the designing part just to impress the clients, be precise about your services and make sure your business card contains all the necessary information. Also, keep a good amount of business cards always with you. Distribute...

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