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Top 5 Common Business Misconceptions On Online Marketing

In an era of technological innovations, many businesses are embracing the trend of online marketing as a tool to augment their business model. That is all well and good but there are many common misconceptions businesses hold about online marketing. Apart from the understanding that online marketing requires creativity and technological expertise, time, effort and money need to be devoted to the cause. Search engine optimisation is also integral to the success of an online marketing strategy. Here are five various misconceptions businesses hold about online marketing and myths that may be stopping them from achieving success in the cyber arena. This will take no time at all: Success does not come overnight – ask Steve Jobs or any successful entrepreneur. The same principle applies to online marketing. It is not a quick method to make large amounts of money. There are many a people enjoying hefty profits and reaping the rewards of online marketing but it is important to note that they had a long term plan and followed it strictly. You may have to spend several hours each week or employ a designated person to manage your website and your internet marketing campaign. Good SEO, an attractive yet functional website and consistency throughout your website are good starting points and will give you the solid foundation you need to position yourself highly in search engine results and...

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Your Top Tools in Marketing

When economic downturn hits, the first line of spending to be cut in the vast majority of businesses is the marketing budget. And when this happens, we often watch businesses that are in a tough position, slide into a worse position, as they are hit by a slow economy, and then by declining awareness. Think about it – even in the tough times it is vital that potential consumers are aware your business offering exists! As a marketing strategist, one of the first things I tell my clients during downturn, or if they are a start-up and lacking capital...

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5 Tips On Writing Tweets to Get Views: Improving Ranking of Blog Posts

After Google changes earlier this year, we have seen a huge drop in article and blog ratings in most cases. You can get around this hurdle by linking with social media and social networking sites. Most of all, this works well with Twitter. You can get the links, but how to get the click-thrus to really boost your (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. This article looks at five tips that really work. Using Twitter will greatly improve your SEO and online marketing. After Google’s updates earlier this year it is important to get your blog content out via social media (except Facebook of course) to improve your article rankings. Without the use of Twitter, your articles will probably be lost in an ocean of competing content. If you are a researcher trying to find helpful articles on the internet, you will have noticed it has been a lot harder to find what you want since those Google Updates. I would like to argue as a user the resulting changes do not help us find what we want, and only give us highly specialized information that is often not what we are looking for. As this is the case, you can circumvent these Google changes by using other links, particularly with Twitter, to nbso online casino reviews boost your article rankings. At the same time we create links with shortened URLs...

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