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Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 5

Hopefully you have already worked on Previous lectures so here is the Lecture 5. ERASER TOOL (Shortcut key E) In this tool you will find 3 tools, i.e. Eraser Tool , Background Eraser tool  and Magic Eraser tool . Eraser Tool : It is very important tool, by using this tool you can delete any part of any layer. (except Text layer, to delete any part of this layer you have to Rasterize Text layer). Just pick this tool and activate the layer from where you want to delete. You can chose Brush style and size from top Property...

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Adobe Photoshop – Lecture 1

Here we are, I’ve started Adobe Photoshop lectures. I’m trying to start all courses at once. So you may not get bore, so get ready for Lecture 1 please. LECTURE # 1 (ADOBE PHOTOSHOP) INTRODUCTION: Adobe Photoshop is a Raster based Graphic Designing Software. The easy way to learn the word Raster based is that, those software in which you see Pixelization (like image in small boxes). Other software known as Vector Based like Coreldraw and Illustrator. Adobe Photoshop is used for Graphic Designing, whether Web Based or Print Media. Most probably web mockups are being designed in Photoshop. It...

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