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Putting that New Blog to Page Rank Stardom Effectively

Long time blog enthusiasts know that impressing people online and gluing their attention to a site takes more than mere design layout or traffic. Even well written articles are no guarantee, though they are a must. Aside from these factors, there ought to be a favourable Google page rank satisfactory Alexa rating. Know how to push a page rank higher.Putting that new blog to page rank stardom effectively needs lots of SEO hard work. Lots of sites attain this and get listed on page one in the top ten list. It all seems so easy but it all happened...

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Importance of Page Rank (PR) for Your Website!

Page Rank refers to dividing the content of website and then giving weightage to each part according to their importance, in a sense which will attract people to visit the website. The phrases or keywords or each part of the website are optimized with the help of a search engine optimizer consultant. In other words, Page Rank is a way of attracting page views by giving more value to some contents of the websites than the others.  Most of the websites generally prefer to give a higher page ranking to their home pages to give a direct view of what the whole content is about. The whole page ranking is carried about by placing mathematical formulas and values, to determine the right weightage number for each part of the website, according to the requirement of the website’s developer. The main idea about page ranking is very actively practiced around the internet, between different websites of the same kind. Page Rank was mainly developed to give more importance to one website compared to another. This is done by the search engines themselves. Websites are constantly competing against each other to get a higher page ranking than their competitors. Applied Page Ranking: For instance, if there are a bunch of websites informing general public about a disease, then the website with the highest page ranking would be automatically given a higher...

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