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[Review] – Step Outside the Box with Die Cut Business Cards

If you’ve experimented with custom effects for your business cards, you’ve probably tried foil stamping, or embossing. But if you haven’t tried Die Cutting your cards – you’re not going to get the best result. Die cut business cards get noticed, period. This is a card that will have a completely different shape from the rest of the stack, not to mention how cool they look. One complaint people have about die cut cards is how expensive they can be. You have to pay for this custom cutting, and you usually also have to pay for the design of the custom dies too. A really nice solution to this is PrintingForLess.com. PFL has a nice big bank of FREE custom Die Cut Business Card dies that anyone can access, anytime! This means you don’t have to pay the expensive design costs that other printers will charge you to get a custom die designed for your project! Here’s an added perk – PFL practices green printing. They are 100% wind powered, and use recycled paper. Now that’s something to feel good about. Call PFL today, and see what they can do for your business! Share...

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PrintingForLess.com – Brochure Printing Solutions

As the first printer to go online, PFL has experience to say the least. Just check out their rating on the Better Business Bureau website and see the ratings that reflect the customer experience. Brochure Printing is one area where PrintingForLess can truly provide value. With all of the complex folds and cuts that are involved in creating flawless brochures, only exact perfection is good enough. As the only online printer to guarantee their work, 100% – PrintingForLess is that place for Brochure Printing. Brochure Printing: Share...

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