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Facts about Vinyl Banner Printing

Banners are large format printouts and are considered as a great way to advertise and create exposure for businesses. They’re made in various sizes and designs, and can be seen indoors or outdoors. One type of banner that most businesses use these days is vinyl. Vinyl banners are basically designed …

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The History behind Business Cards

A business card is a simple way for people to introduce themselves, state who they work for and provide contact details. They are some of the quickest, easiest ways to get contact information from one person to another. They have not always been so straightforward and convenient, however.

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5 Features of an Effective Printing Service

There are several characteristics which define effective printing services. Amongst them are cost, ease of ordering and quality of print. It is unwise to trust important services such as business card printing to a print company that does not meet the requirements of your business. A professional printing company should …

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