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The Best Uses for Photoshop in Web Design

Everybody knows what Photoshop is at this point. The massively popular Adobe software is used for photo editing and graphic design, but one of its most popular uses has become Photoshop in Web Design. Although it’s not possible to code with Photoshop, the software can play an integral role in both designing a site and ensuring its functionality. The Best Uses for Photoshop in Web Design: Here are some of the top applications for Photoshop from a web design perspective: 1. Full Mockups: Especially for new designers, the most difficult part of building a website is creating a bunch...

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PSD to CSS: A Solution to Lighten Your Website!!!

PSD to CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) conversion is important because web page with CSS design is compatible with all the web browsers. Compare to PSD, CSS makes it easier to format the page and same formatting can be used for several pages as well. Not just that, PSD to CSS conversion offers other distinct features as well, as listed below: CSS makes life easier for developers as well as designers because it’s possible to publish content to various web browsers, presentation formats, and Internet devices based on preferences using CSS style. Website maintenance also becomes easier because it’s quite easy to move elements and place them wherever designer wants. PSD file may look different in different browsers but that’s not the case with CSS as it is compatible with all the web browsers. Clean coding methods and it’s worthiness as a search engine friendly style makes it popular choice. Simpler markup sheet can be created using CSS. Web designers use Photoshop to create initial design of any webpage. But, PSD files cannot be used in directly in web pages and hence, it required conversion from PSD file to CSS sheet, which uses Hypertext Markup Language. Converting PSD to CSS can be tough if you don’t know where to begin and the step-to-step procedure for it. While doing this conversion, it is not required that you have knowledge about graphic...

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